[Review] The Saem Cover Perfection Ideal Concealer Duo

How’s your April?

I cannot believe it’s May now. It’s almost half the year of 2018! It feels like my brother’s wedding is still a month away. Nah, it was two weeks ago.

I bought a concealer with bro’s wedding was the reason I needed a new one ha ha. I was over double-sided concealer since The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer didn’t work best on me. The stick was too dry, the liquid didn’t blend under my eyes, it was horrible.

I was tempted to buy The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer. Lots of beauty bloggers love it. But then I saw the Cover Perfection Ideal Concealer Duo and dang it, I purchased one. It scared me though, what if it wouldn’t work as well??

Well, my take on this after the cut!

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[Review] Canmake Secret Beauty Powder


Hello, Loves!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I do. I take some time for myself to update my blog. I took photos in one go and drafting some of them. That is the way I do my blog images, since I am a lazy polar lolol

For today’s blogpost I’d like to bring you my current favorite powder. It is from Canmake–sadly hasn’t released in Indonesia yet, Secret Beauty Powder. I feel like going back to my 90s, watching Sailor Moon and role-played as the Guardian with my sisters by looking at the packaging. Super cute and brings back memories!

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[Review] Maybelline Master Strobing Cream

I’m not a highlighter person. I always go for semi-matte finish makeup look coz it lowkey tones down my textured skin. However, on some occasions I’d like to have highlighted cheekbones. Finding a pretty good highlighter is a task for me as some highlighters emphasize textures, I am cautious trying out highlighters out there.

Today I bring you a review of Maybelline Master Strobing Cream by FaceStudio. Looking by the packaging, I’m drawn to get it for my brother’s wedding. I’m doing my own makeup!

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[Review] Peripera Sugar Glow Tint

These few days have been hard for me since I caught on flu. My nose’s running and blocked at the same time, my voice is lost, but hey I gotta play with makeup and write something. So today I bring you my latest purchase–another tint, yes. When it comes to lip tints, my radar works fast as lightning, as if it could tell me when there are new tints coming up from K-brands. And I always find them cute. I cannot NOT buying them. Of course I make priorities, which ones I should get.

Aaaanyway, Peripera launched the new five shades of tint entitled Sugar Glow Tint. Yes, I got some Peripera tints in my collection already. But these, I mean, judging by the packaging, you probably have guess that I would buy it. Of course!

Jump into this post to read my thought on these Sugar Glow tints

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Peach Soda Lip Coat, BLPxSociolla

Sociolla turns three!

One of the biggest beauty e-commerce in Indonesia is celebrating the birthday during the month of March. For the anniversary, they are having great deals from more than 20 brands! And every purchase above IDR 200K gets free shipping fee.

Of course I took the chance to buy some makeup lol

For this year, Sociolla have a very cute theme: peach. Take a look at the website and you’ll see a lot of peachy-colored decoration. What makes me more excited is that they make a special collaboration with blp beauty to create one shade from the best-selling Lip Coat series: Peach Soda!

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Beauty 911: Meet-cute and learn to write beauty reviews with Beauty Journal

I’m not exaggerating when I say it was my very first beauty meet-up, attending the event held by Sociolla and Beauty Journal last week at Jenius HQ, Menara BTPN. I was lucky to get one seat during my day off! I usually work on Saturday, so when I finally, finally got a week of after the end of the term, I saw the post about Beauty 911: Writing a ‘Lit’ Beauty Review in Genius Way from Sociolla and Beauty Journal. And there I was, coming all the way from out of town to my first beauty event.

If you are a member of Sociolla or simply an Indonesian beauty enthusiast, you may heard about Beauty Journal before. It is a website where you can any information about beauty news, reviews, and also lifestyle articles. There are tons of tips and picks to your preferences in Beauty Journal. It is Sociolla’s blog–you can buy beauty stuff on Sociolla, but when you need beauty reviews or recommendations, you can look up on Beauty Journal.

I have been reading Beauty Journal ever since I came across Sociolla in 2016. I started becoming a member of Soco just recently. I was ecstatic!

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