My birthday was almost 2 weeks ago.

I don’t feel much different than me last year or a few years earlier. It’s weird that we’re getting older yet there isn’t much changing happening.

Anyway, I just want to give you some updates that I’m still blogging, but I’m at the point where I don’t want to just post about beauty stuff. I’m making blogposts of books and thing I enjoy.

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Story Time: Cystic Acne and My Love for Beauty World

This post is made out of blue.

I was browsing through the old photos in my phone since I’m running out of space and I must delete some unnecessary pics–which I have TONS. I still had photos from 2016 (2 years ago!!!) and of course selfies from that time too. Looking back, I recently realized that I have been dealing with cystic acne. It started when I was 14. I never looked up why I always had those red, huge painful pimples laid deep in the skin. When it popped, it wasn’t just a short pain on the surface. The pain could stay for days. All I knew was the oily skin myth: I got blemishes cause my skin type is oily. I started watching many beauty gurus blogs and videos just when I went to college, focusing on oily skin care and makeup tips. I continuously heard some of them fighting cystic acne. Being an inexperienced beauty enthusiast that I was, googled it was the answer.

That is what I have been experiencing for years.

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Taking some time for myself…

Last month I got a week off. I decided to travel to my maternal grandmother in a small town near Yogyakarta. I think it was some time only for myself because after a very hectic work in the last 3 months, I booked a ticket for solo trip and flew miles away from home. I left my brother and my dad at home and they didn’t even look up to me. I guess they know I never want to keep my phone close whenever I have some days off. I stay online but invisible–not replying any messages, taking important calls only after being called twice or more, and spending my time reading or watching Youtube. Yep, that’s just my way of taking a break from phone or basically the world. Anyhoo, I managed to have my holiday and that was great. I spent most of the time at home studying–I have a test coming up when I get home and luckily I brought the book with me so I tried SO HARD to study algebra after forever, watching videos and playing with my little nephews.

One time my sis took the day off along with her husband and we went to one of the famous tourist destinations in Jogjakarta, Imogiri. We went to Pinus Sari pine forest! Not much I can tell you about except that lotsa pines. For me who lives in the city, going to a place like this feels magical. I’m not particularly a nature person to be honest. I enjoy chilling at home. But I need to get out and feel the breeze sometimes. Changes are good! So here are a few snaps of the pine forest.

~Heavy Pics alert~

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Perfecting home be like…


Maybe I’m not the right person to talk about decorating houses, as I have never been really the one to be responsible in decorating. Well, I did help long time ago, but when we redecorated the house, I was away, studying college outside town and my mother was sort of told me this and that and voila! She did quite an excellent job to make our house feel brand new. I’m still living at my parents’ house, though they moved to another one in a slightly countryside and way remote than my current residence.

But hey, home is where you always go back to, no?

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