[Review] The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation

I think I have found my Holy Grail foundation.

Okay, it’s too soon for me to say that. I have only been using it for around 2 weeks. Who would have thought people can use clay for not only skincare, but also makeup?? I mean, we have clay masks in beauty industry for quite some time now. Clay is good to clean impurities and helps troubled skin. There are a few types of clay masks–a post from StyleCaster here is very informative.

I want to try some beauty stuff with clay, so I’m very excited to try this out! ‘Mattifying’ and ‘Tea Tree’ called me, thus I must have it *lol

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September-October’s Faves


Today’s post is about my beauty faves during the month of September and October. Not much makeup or skincare products I tried on September, so I skipped the post and made one with some stuff from last month. I purchased bunch of makeups in October–most of it are at the end of the month, that being said you may see them in the next month’s favorite.

Here is the list of my current loves from September to October.

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[Review] Kimasako Glossy Lipcream and Blush Color Contouring

I am back with local beauty brand!
This time the name sounds very Japanese brand: Kimasako cosmetics. I came across this brand not so long ago, when I randomly browsed through Japanese makeup. I thought this one is a Japanese brand, turned out it is an Indonesian beauty brand. In August I went to Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta to see A World of Ghibli Exhibition in Ritz-Carlton Ballroom. Without knowing that Lunadorii finally opened a store there, I was sooooo excited finding the place to buy great quality local brands. There are so many new brands I never knew before, my eyes quickly set on Kimasako’s shelf.
And of course, being an avid Japan-stuff lover, I knew I must have some. So I purchased 2 of their Glossy Lipcreams and a blush.

My thoughts in Indonesian are right after the jump.

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August’s Most Loved

Can you believe that it’s almost the end of 2017?
I just changed my bedroom calendar to September and suddenly reminded that this year has 3 months left. Man, I feel like I only started working not so long ago lol. 2 years was quite some time, don’t you think? I don’t feel old at all.
August was a HELLA month for me. Here are a few things I’ve been loving from last month and still going (probably)!

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[Review] Natural Pacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum


Another Korean skincare review, yaay!

Please excuse me if my recent posts are all about skincare because I’m on a mission to find the best skincare routine and products that won’t irritate my skin. I started using Korean products again, despite the price for good quality ones–my skin loves it! And I guess either Korean and Japanese skincare is more advance than the local brands so it’s always a good investment. Most importantly, stick with the routine. It will be useless when you have good quality skincare but you don’t use it religiously. Like, you have given the luxury to have great skincare and you just don’t use it????? Even if that means you can have gold treatment?

Oh well.

This serum is known as ‘The damn serum’, because many people said it will give our skin stinging sensation, or ‘Jun Ji Hyun’s serum’ since apparently the very famous Korean actress, who recently played a series with Lee Min Ho, is reported to use this as part of her skincare routine. Have you seen her? Her complexion looks crazy awesome.

So here it is! The serum review by yours truly (๑•㉨•๑)ฅ

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[Review] Wardah Renew You Treatment Essence: friendly local Essence that saves you some bucks

Talking about skincare to the next level.

As I told you before in my previous post–or probably instagram, I don’t remember ^^ I added essence into my skincare since I have been learning to use Korean 10 skincare steps. I have yet to try Korean essence since I didn’t use essence that much lately since I tried some serums which can be used directly onto clean face or after toner.

So today I bring you a local-brand essence that won’t break your bank! And I will try my best to explain it in Indonesian.

Read my thought after the jump!

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