Peripera Tints

My tint collection is getting bigger and bigger…

Some of them are the ones I have been keeping since 2015-2016 so I decluttered my lippies and placed all my recent lippies haul in the lip container. I am currently keeping 37 lipsticks, with 10 of them are tints. I am thinking to invest more on lip tints since those are the products I always come back to whenever my lips chapped or not in the best condition. There will be one or two tints inside my makeup pouch. And now more moisturizing tints come in handy to throw in the purse. Who doesn’t like cute packaging??? Korean tints come in various packaging and I feel like I have to get them all and collect more Pokeball.

Now that I own 4 tints from Peripera, I thought I’d make a post about them, along with my take on these and swatch each tint.

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Orange Chocolate Makeup

The last time I exchanged chocolates with friends on Valentine’s day was when I was in fifth grade, I think. We didn’t give chocolates for boys–unless the ones who was already went out, they gave their boyfriends chocolate. But girls exchanged chocolates. Since then we did it again some time in Junior High, then I never done that in High School and up to this day. For me, you can show love and give chocolates any day, doesn’t have to be only on V-day. It’s okay if you want to celebrate it with your couple. I’m just gonna blogging here and eating milk chocolate bar.

Today’s post is another makeup look post, inspired by Valentine chocolate bar in orange flavor. I also got my first ever Colourpop eyeshadow palette Yes, Please! I thought I’d play with it to create a look.

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[Review] Canmake Cream Cheek Tint Review

Whenever I do my makeup, there is always a blush or two that I use for my look. I’m always extra when it comes to blush–as I have mentioned before. Recently I’m starting to use cream-based blush that enhances natural flush on my look and I am loving it. So from now on Imma getting more cream blush! And definitely way more powder blush, too. On December last year, I purchased the newest cream blush from Canmake, which released these Cream Cheek Tint–cream blushes in summer 2017.

Nobody cannot beat cute packaging. That’s exactly my thought when I see beauty stuff like this. I mean, look how pretty the shell-like packaging is! And being an avid fan of Japanese makeup, I know I should have this. I don’t mind using lipsticks as cream blush, but we have things like these cute blushes that will do my cheeks and also look great in my makeup pouch! Just saying~

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Skincare Update

Since I changed my skincare routine using simpler steps, my skin definitely looks better. I cut down some steps–face cleanser only at night, face mask and face exfoliation once a week, and focus more on skin moisturization. I am still looking for the best skincare routineto get the best result. Essence said to be the most essential skincare part in Korea, as many beauty brands release facial essence, claiming it will change the skincare game. I did try a few back then, but for now I am in the thought to buy either Missha Time Revolution Treatment Essence or SK-II FTE. Needless to say, here I share with you my current skincare regime.

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Everyday Makeup (Signature Look)

I have been decluttering my makeup vanity and able to throw away some old makeup I held on too long and finally came up with the idea to show you what makeup look I always wear everyday. Keep in mind that I don’t use a lot of makeup on daily basis–I skip primer and concealer, going with light BB cream or foundation, initially keeping everything natural but with a little bit coverage. But lately I have been into foundations and powder foundation when I want a quick fix with no fuss.

In this post I will show you some of my favorite everyday makeup and the look I usually wear. You’ll notice my makeup are affordable ones–some are from local brands. Recently Indonesian makeup brand released more high quality makeup and I can’t help but keep buying them…..still I love me some drugstore makeup from abroad.

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Best of 2017

Happy New Year!

Welcoming 2018 with a new spirit!

Still with the same dream, but definitely a new start. I have a very simple resolution this year when it comes to blogging: to get 100k stats and up! LOL I guess I am too late to set that plan but better late than never, right?

2017 has been a great year for me since I did a lot of blogging than the previous years. I reviewed products, shared my favorite songs, posted a piece of my thought, and also the anime I followed. This year I want to be more counterproductive. Double in everything! (Don’t make promise you can’t keep, Min :p)

Anyway, of course I have to start with my version of the Best Beauty Products of 2017. I’m a little distracted, writing this while watching Pride and Prejudice, the 2005 movie. It is my favorite adaptation.

So here it is. THE BEST OF 2017!

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New Year’s Eve Pink-Themed MOTD

The last post in 2017!

Still can’t believe that 2018 is only four hours away. As I’m writing this post, I am contemplating myself. For me 2017 is the year that I make progress in blogging. I mean, I still don’t write posts a week, but I tried to more than last year. And hopefully next year I will be able to get more than 100k stats. That is one resolution ^^

Now, onto beauty blogpost. I think this is my first time posting a makeup look. Or not?

I played with a lot of makeup on daily basis, so I thought I might start to make a post about the look I created. It is not that full on makeup with crazy artsy eyelook. I’m still getting use to playing with eyeshadows and I’m really enjoying it lately.

This morning I woke up and felt inspired to create a makeup look for New Year’s Eve. While I am not going anywhere tonight, here I share with you my makeup look inspiration.

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