Anime update! (Because why not)

Sorry folks, today is not about beauty-related post.

There will be another post coming right up, but I’m still testing it because my skin is currently breaking out due to–y’know. And I want to use it at least until my acnes are all healed and see the result.

Now it’s just me updating you guys about some anime series I have been following this season. Not much, though. But hey, finally an update! ha ha

Here are the latest anime I’ve been enjoying!

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Where’s the anime update??

Don't wait...

Don’t wait… But wait,

Yes, I apologize for the lack of anime updates.

The truth is, I don’t watch anime that often anymore.

I still follow some from last season, but only one or two titles. Maybe that’s what happens when you so caught up in job and you barely have time to do your hobby. Or maybe that’s just me…

Then again to watch anime online needs a good connection, which makes me lazier to do it because the internet connection here sucks. Luckily, we have subsribed TV channels. I can watch Animax or Aniplus when my bro or my dad is not busy taking over the TV for Game of Thrones or Castle.

Super Lovers was the only anime I watched regularly last season, followed by Sakamoto Desu Ga.

This time I keep Days on track and some other series like Fukigen na Mononokean and Mob Psycho. I ditched Orange at the moment because I don’t want to cry a bucket when watching anime. I’ll be continuing the series probably, for the sake of Suwa. Suwa is my man.

Any recommendations for fun and light-plotted anime? I might check them up.

Thank you for reading~


Back to Reading again…


The term break is around the corner!

I’m super excited, as if  I were a five year old wanting a bunch of candies ha ha. I am still busy at the office, though. Making term reports and such, pretty much taking my mind to go outside and scream. But I didn’t do that.

I looked up to my book shelf and saw my favorite series when I was 12 or 13 and I couldn’t contain myself not to reading it again. So here I am, with Princess Diaries, revisiting Mia and her high school life. I am so hooked up to Mia and Michael again after a while.

Plus, the doujinshis I pre-ordered came at last. Don’t ask if I speak or read Japanese. My Japanese is so poor I hardly read kanji *sob* I make excuses to learn Japanese from dj because I just had to have these wwww. I am Daiya no Ace craze, and MiSawa is my number one OTP. I purchased 2 MiSawa dj by Julia. Her artwork is a godsend for a MiSawa fan like me. The other one is Kuroko no Basuke‘s dj, pairing Ootsubo x Kiyoshi. This is the only OotsuKi dj which I can find online. When I saw this on, internally screaming: I MUST HAVE IT NO MATTER WHAT because! OotsuKi is a rare pair! I maybe one of 10 or less people who may like the pair because KiHyuu or MuraKi is more popular. Then again I can understand since Kiyoshi has a very rare interaction with Ootsubo. A fangirl can fangirl, anyway. Oh, I start reading fanfictions too after so long taking a break from AO3. I’m not writing for the time being. However, I plan to write again when term break comes. I need to give my love for my OTPs.

Enough with the fangirl rambling!

My upcoming personal life post will be about current favorite songs.

Have a good day!

Unboxing (Mikazuki Munechika) Jiji!


Woohoo look at my beautiful Nendo!

All thanks to my friend who pestered me with Touken Ranbu, I ended up order my very first Nendoroid!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t even play the game ha ha. I only know TouRabu from fanarts and timeline flooded by its merchandise. I don’t personally like Mikazuki Munechika or Jiji–so they called. However the Nendo got me hooked up and I needed to have one.

So hit the keep reading button to see me unboxing Jiji!

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What’s Your Favorite Character?

When I am asked about this, my answer will be pretty much like this: Kiyoshi Teppei from Kuroko no Basuke, of course.

But then I think again and maybe I would come back to square one when I started to become a fangirl—long way before I knew Kuroko no Basuke or Gintama. There was a time when I was not engaged to Teppei nor Hijikata.

There was Jin Kazama.

People will throw me the look, disbelieving that I once was head over heels to Tekken 3’s main character.

Believe me, it was because of T3.

Hey, I was just a teenage girl. I saw the cover of that game and thought, ‘wow, he’s hot. Okay let’s play the game.’ Little did I know, he was the only character I picked whenever I played the game. And then I began to imagine things: me with Jin Kazama. Jin Kazama is my boyfriend, he takes me lunch, we go to the same school, bla bla bla~

Man, I stood up for Jin Kazama like there’s no tomorrow.

Up till now, actually.

The first thing I write when I try a new pen or when I get bored is Jin Kazama. What pops up when I think of my ideal man is Jin Kazama. No, Teppei is. Those things happen lol

But don’t ask me or tell me about the Tekken live-action movie. As much as I love Jin Kazama, for me so far there’s no one who can play his character out. My brother says the movie is just so-so, the other way to say not that good. I still prefer Tekken Blood Vengeance to the live-action version.

So now you know how I see Jin Kazama and Kiyoshi Teppei. Both are my most favorite 2D characters of all time. I may add more, but right now between my assignments and sleepiness, I can only thing about those two. And I need to update my blog about anime or something. Here you go.

I’d like to hear about your most favorite characters. Leave comments so we can talk about them—only if I know them ha ha

Rest well~


Hello peeps!

I hope everyone has scratch over everything in 2014 Resolution List if you made one last year. As for who don’t, I sincerely expect you have done something great in a year! Moving on to the new resolution for 2015 yeay~

I myself think 2014 as another amazing year. I graduated this year on August(finally TvT). Though I haven’t got any job interview invitations, more than anyone else I know I’ve worked hard to fill out vacancies, be it online or in newspapers. Maybe I just have no luck? Who knows. I sincerely hope God have another plan for me, amen.

In this post I have choose few anime that I followed around the year. It’s late though, I’m sorry for posting it after new year TvT

I dropped a lot since I graduated and busy looked for a job, so mostly this anime I watched early shows on the year when I had so much spare time haha~ They have become absolutely my favorites!

  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: the best romantic-comedy anime on the year! Sakura Chiyo confessed her feelings to Nozaki Umetarou, but he mistaken her as one of his fans since he’s a shoujo mangaka in real life. This anime is very entertaining and hilarious. My favorite couple is Hori-senpai and Kashima ^^

  • Barakamon: a famous calligrapher must leave the city due to his behavior towards the older calligrapher, ends up moving to a small island. He meets the small girl who changes his perspective on everything and his life. A slice of life and comedy manga with family theme is good combination. I totally recommend this one.

  • Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou: I have make a post about this anime. Such a sweet anime with colorful visual inside.

  • Haikyuu!!: numbers of hot high school boys playing volleyball. Enough said. LOL okay I’m not kidding you though. Hinata teams up with Kageyama to join the force of Karasuno volleyball team. I hyperventilated when they meet Nekoma. Kuroo Tetsurou is soooo cool!

  • Tonari no Seki-kun: Fifteen minutes per episode seeing Seki-kun plays around on his table while in class. Unexpectedly funny!

  • Zankyou no Terror: first time I watched this for the seiyuu line-up and it seemed interesting. It does! Though it’s only has 11 episodes but it’s packed complete with quite heavy plot and explosions here and there. If you like crime-action drama like Psycho-Pass you may try to watch this series too.

  • Free! Eternal Summer: the continuation of fairly built high school swimmers brought up in summer! Not only we can see those five boys swim and compete, there is a new one introduced in the series. I guess Sousuke steals the spotlight that summer, becoming the hottest swimmer back in the days not far from Makoto.

Yup, that’s all the anime I thoroughly followed in 2014. There are some series that I still want to watch though, like Akatsuki no Yona, OreFuro, Nanatsu no Taizai, and Amagi Brilliant Park. Yet I’m so lazy to watch them online and apparently my laptop is not keen of HD videos. I have to wait until I get a new laptop to watch them as I have asked my friend to give me copies of those anime.

What’s your favorite anime last year?

See you on the next post!