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I’m a 26 year-old English Literature graduate from Indonesia and currently working as a language teacher in one of the well-known language courses in the country. An avid fan of anime, manga, literature, music, and movies, so this blog will be my mix reviews or shared thoughts on stuff I like. You can call me Minnie–it’s my pen name and perhaps my online alias ha ha~ My obsession to stuff changes randomly as most people say I’m moody and can be fickle at times. At least I try to do my best to be loyal to something. I think I do easily get bored by stuff, even by my current job too. But I’m very good at listening and cheering up on my closest ones. I’m very shy, awkward on first impression and somehow not socially attached to people. Once you know me well, I’m witty af. I’m also quite sarcastic, depends on what I’m dealing with lol. Age is only a number. I will say I’m physically 20s yet mentally younger or older, you’ll never know.

About my obsession of makeup, probably because I have always been attracted to beauty products. I used to watch my grandmother taking care of her skin with skincare and her makeup routine. I sometimes played with her cosmetics, too. That’s why now that I passed my teenage years I become really enthusiastic of doing skincare routine and makeup. My skin type is oily-combo, with dryness around my U-area. Plus it’s very sensitive. I get redness out of the blue when certain product doesn’t make the cut for me, so finding skincare and makeup to help me with my skin problems has always been my priority.

Disclaimer: Most of makeups and skincare I review are purchased by me–unless it is sponsored or sent to me for review purpose, I will give a tag and title ‘sponsored review’. I do not make any money from the products sent to me. My reviews are simply based on my experience with the products and I’ll be honest and not biased if the product works or doesn’t work for me.


I joined Sociolla Blogger Network and got a voucher code on my blog sidebar. That’s a referral link, which means I make a commission if you choose to use the link as you purchase from Sociolla. It helps me to get more beauty products and review them on this blog. Feel free not to use the link ^^

Other than makeup, I’m all nerd for anime or manga (Japanese comics). I enjoy Kuroko no Basket (The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays). Right now I’m turned upside down by Ace of Diamond or favorably known as Daiya no Ace. I’m much in love with that one hella dork Kiyoshi Teppei (KnB) and Sawamura Eijun (DnA). Talk to me about KnB, DnA, or any other anime, I may catch up from you! I’m regularly online on Twitter and Instagram. You can check my accounts from the side bar of my blog.

Lately I’m very keen to horror gameplays. I don’t particularly play games since middle school. However I used to be a gamer. Not a professional one tho lolol ^^

I also write fanfictions! Find me on ffn or AO3 guys I’d love to see you there ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

For business inquiries, you can contact me through e-mail:


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