[Sponsored Review] V10 Plus Peeling Gel and Anti-aging Serum Set

[Disclaimer: These products are sent to me for review purpose only. My review is based on my experience using the products]

2 weeks ago I received a package sent from V10 Plus. They kindly sent the products for me to review and I happily tried it since I have been wanting to try the serum which raved by so many people–my favorite bloggers used it too. SO here is my thoughts on V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Gel and V10 Plus Anti Aging Series Serum.

Heavy pictures alert 😀

V10 Plus is a skincare brand from Japan that used Natural ingredients for their products. Akiko Yokota, the founder of V10 Plus created 11 different serums for various skin conditions. It is the first brand that brings Skin Supplement concept, as now there are other skincare brands to have the same concept. Interesting, huh? The brand has so many International beauty awards. And the good thing is, the brand doesn’t use Paraben, Chemical Fragrance, Artificial Color, and Mineral Oil in their products. YAAAAY (*≧ω≦*)

For the serum they have 11 different types with certain color. They have Quasi, Ceramide, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Biocell, Hyaluronic Acid, Placenta, Licorice, Amino, Collagen, and Pyctogenol. You can choose which serum that goes for your troubled skin.

Let’s talk about the serum first because I’m super excited to try it.

I got the Anti-aging Series sample set, consist of Biocell, Hyaluronic Acid, and Collagen. At first I was hoping to get the Acne Treatment Series because my main concern is acne, but oh well. I was told to use the serum all 3 kinds together. I was like: really?? Is it okay to use these formulas together?! So I braced myself, praying that my face won’t upset and no more breakouts popping out of blue. But now that I’m in my mid 20s, I’ll never say no to anti-aging skincare. Biocell is for cell-regeneration, anti-wrinkle, and anti-melanin production; Hyaluronic Acid works as natural moisturizer; and Collagen is to keep skin-elasticity.

The direction usage is to apply the serum right after wash the face clean. I’m using 2 methods: in the morning I apply the serum after toner and essence, at night I use it after cleanse face. One drop from each serum, so 3 drops for the entire face. The 3 serums have almost the same formula: very lightweight, doesn’t have any scent, and feel a bit sticky when first applied, though each serum has slightly different appearance. Collagen is the runniest and very watery among the three, Biocell has yellowish tone in the product, while Hyaluronic Acid is a little thicker than the others. Nonetheless, they don’t have harmful ingredients.

Before and After 10 days

The brand manager said the products work within 10 days. I tried it for about 2 weeks and have seen some changes on my skin. First I want to mention it: The serums DON’T break me out. The thing about having sensitive, acne-prone skin is you’ll always be cautious of new stuff. I’m still analyzing what ingredients that cause acnes but it can also from my eating or hormonal situation. Anyway, the significant change is that the discoloration on my complexion has gone or at least lessened. The forehead doesn’t look paler anymore! I used to look like a sad zombie since I have paler complexion with dark eye bags and dull, so dull. The serums kinda brightened up the face. They didn’t lighten my skin. Only make it looks fresher than I used to. The serums soften the flaring pores around the nose, too. My skin feels soft, plump, and looks waaay better than before. I mean, some dark spots seem to be faded as well. It is as if I got the glow from the inside (by also keeping your skin hydrated ^^) I LOVE THE SERUMS! I will purchase the Anti-aging Series, after I tried the other serums I’m having in line right now…

Moving on to the Water Based Peeling Gel!

I guess the only peeling gel that I tried is Cure Aqua Natural Gel. I like it because it doesn’t irritate my skin. I so used to it that I feel it doesn’t work that much now. Time for a new peeling gel and it came!

This peeling gel has active ingredients such as Rice extract as antioxidant, to fight free-radicals; Sea Weed extract as a natural cure and also to keep moisture. Both work as anti-aging agents.

There are 9 functions of the Water Based Peeling:

  1. To clear dead skin cells
  2. to prevent acne
  3. to regenerate skin cells
  4. to keep makeup stays in place and looks natural
  5. to maintain the nutrients absorption
  6. to clean blackheads
  7. to brighten and smooth skin
  8. to lessen acne spots
  9. to balance the oil skin

This sounds promising I was so thrilled to try it!

Like any peeling gel, use it after wash and dry the face. Spread it onto the skin and leave it for 5 seconds, then gently massage the whole face with circular motion until the dead skin cells comes off and then rinse off with lukewarm water. The gel is very much like the Cure–transparent gel, no coloring and artificial scent. The only different is that as suggested, when we use this peeling gel for the first time, we use it everyday in the first week. After that, use it twice or three times a week.

My take on this Water Based Peeling is: it works! As the product claims the functions!

I definitely feels the peeling gel brightens and smooths the skin. It also reduces my dark spots from healed pimples and makes my makeup looks better! I don’t see much flakiness and pores. It holds makeup pretty good, either! Must be good things inside the peeling gel :))

All in all, the skincare products from V10 Plus: Water Based Peeling gel and Serums set are A++++

Yup, very satisfied Polar here~ ʕ •̀ ω •́ ʔ

The result is different to anyone, but I hope they will work for you too!

For anyone lives in Indonesia, you can buy it online on the V10 Plus website The Water Based Peeling Gel sample set retails for IDR 118k and the Serum sample set retails IDR 298k. They often have promotion which can saves you some money ^^

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post!


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