Perfecting home be like…


Maybe I’m not the right person to talk about decorating houses, as I have never been really the one to be responsible in decorating. Well, I did help long time ago, but when we redecorated the house, I was away, studying college outside town and my mother was sort of told me this and that and voila! She did quite an excellent job to make our house feel brand new. I’m still living at my parents’ house, though they moved to another one in a slightly countryside and way remote than my current residence.

But hey, home is where you always go back to, no?

Like any other parents who still believe in traditional family cultures, my parents welcome us, the old children–not exactly old, have jobs, can be like kids at times–to live here. And of course it is important to make our home as homey as we want to.

My mother loves to put accessories and displays them in our house. It can be flower pots, table deco, or photo frames. She said there should be photos of our moments together in the house. It is like telling people when they visit the house that we have stories, things we did together. And it has been years I knew about this but never exactly paid attention to how important putting photos in the house is. Because I grew up with my grandmom and she did that sort of thing. Of course as a kid I didn’t care.  And honestly, I don’t think people print photos anymore. Do you?

We used to like taking photos and went to a photo printing shop to print the snapshots. I remembered I was always excited whenever we went to printing shop. I wanted to see myself in photos. Now that we have digital cameras, I don’t find the necessity to print photos we take. That’s why I am grateful of my mother being super diligent printing pictures from the phone, frame them well, and put them around the house. It is one of the things I learned from her that I can use photos to decorate the house.

Surely, I might use something more modern like digital frame.


simple yet elegant digital frame

So, photos are great decorations. There are many beautiful frames you can use from home decoration shops. Choose which suits you. Or if you are techno-fan, digital frames will do.

So many decorations I will put if it is my own home. Bookshelves, anime figures, game console and more stuff which show my hobbies. Small deco like lego bricks will also brighten your space! I personally like making bricks. Unfortunately I don’t have the space to display them in the house so I restrain myself to buy more bricks… Only to get them once I have my own house.

I also like cute pillows as decoration. Don’t you just love fluffy colorful pillows inside your house? You can just throw yourself and doze off lol my family does that a lot.

That’s it, a small post about my home. If you happen to have your own space, take a time to make it comfy and represent yourself. Because if you are like me, an indoor type, having a moment to decor my room or space gives me a little peace of mind.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the next post!


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