Loving my current Summer scent!

Eid Mubarak holiday is way over weeks ago and I went back to my routine. Work!

I was worried because I wanted to get other jobs for a better future *for me* but apparently, looking for a suited job isn’t easy….so I’m still doing my current work–teaching.

But worry not! I’m still making blogposts and today imma share with you my current favorite perfume from The Body Shop.

My thoughts on White Musk L’Eau is after the jump!

The Body Shop Indonesia released the newest scent from White Musk range: White Musk L’Eau! What’s the different among the White Musk perfumes introduced before is of course: the color. Lol, at least that the first thing I see about the perfumes. I purchased some of the White Musk variants before, Smoky Rose and Libertine. Libertine had a pastel pink color on the packaging and Smoky Rose has dark purple packaging.

This has a very striking light green color with very similar bottle look exactly like the original White Musk. The glass bottle is nicely packed sturdy plastic cap with TBS symbol on top. I really love the simple packaging!

Here is what the web says about L’Eau (in Indonesian):

WHITE MUSK L’EAU EDT adalah fragrance dengan aroma floral-fruity yang diawali keharuman buah Pear yang lembut dan segar, Campuran keharuman lily of the valley, jasmine dan Rose essence memberikan kesan segar yang menggairahkan dan feminin pada heart note.ย Serta diakhiri dengan musk memberikan kesan yang hangat dan sensual

Seeing the main notes, we can guess it’s going to be floral-fruity. It is said the first note is pear, I can definitely smell it together with the signature musk. And then I think jasmine and rose show later, and lastly you can smell lily and the musk. Basically, it is the original musk with lighter scent, in my opinion. I love the first White Musk. However, I never own one. I always ended up purchased the variations. I tried White Musk Libertine–I was confused how it was different with White Musk, they both smell very similar so I gave it away. I got White Musk Smoky Rose–very floraly and ‘heavy’ to my liking so my aunt kindly took it.

The L’Eau is my favorite from White Musk range. It is musk with a scent of summer. Floral-fruity scent is my go-to. Though, I still love TBS’ Moringa for days I want super faint floraly scent without smelling so heavy. On me, the Eau de Toilette lasted for around 4 hours before I spritzed some more. I really like the after scent–it matches my body odor, I guess? PLUUUSSS it is a cruelty-free fragrance! Indonesian actress Cinta Laura is chosen as the L’Eau Ambassador. I am so proud bringing this guy home.

Anyway, White Musk L’Eau is a lovely fragrance for you who likes the White Musk but want some happy fruity scents too! In The Body Shop Indonesia it retails for IDR 499k for 100mL/3.3 US FL OZ. If you happen to be Love Your Body member, get it by using your points! It’s a good deal ^^

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next post~


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