Pink-Black Duo

After a while, I finally came to visit L’Oreal booth.

I think the last time I went to get L’oreal makeup was 2 years ago, when I tried the famous True Match foundation but I ended up giving it away since it didn’t work out for me or because I used to be bad in applying foundation. Hence, I never went to the booth again until recently.

I need a new mascara since my favorite Maybelline Lash Sensational ran out. L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara caught my eye–first the name: Miss Manga sounds very me lolol ^^ Y-know, since I collect manga and stuff. I was a bit worried this wouldn’t give me the same effect as Lash Sensational did to my lashes, but I’m trying it out anyway.

Another purchase of mine is the new launch Rouge Magique lipstick. I don’t know much about the range. This I think is the newest launch from L’Oreal Indonesia. I came across instagram and found this particular shade looks very pretty so I quickly picked this up. It comes in a sleek black tube with neon pink as the cap. I love how it matches Miss Manga mascara in terms of appearance. Matchy-matchy!

The shade 931 Beige Reveur is a pretty muted rose, My Lips But Better color. On me looks tad darker, however it is my kind of MLBB lippie. The finish is creamy matte, doesn’t dry out my lips and feels super comfortable. I think Imma try other shades as well when going to L’Oreal Booth some other time.

Let’s talk about Miss Manga!

As pictured, the packaging looks quite similar with Rouge Magique lipstick. Though I remember Miss Manga came up with the color scheme first. Miss Manga False Lash Waterproof mascara promises to give length and blacken eyelashes, so you will look like the girls in manga–shoujo manga, I suppose. Most girls in shoujo manga have those long, black lashes which seem unreal or maybe they just wear faux lashes. Who knows 😜

do you not want lashes like Suiren’s???? from Hibi Chouchou manga (

I was taken aback by the wand. My first impression was: what the fudge is this?? Probably because I’m  so used to Maybelline’s mascara wand, I forgot not all mascara have their neat, long prickly teeth and plastic-y wand. This one is a brush wand and has slanted curve. It is very black and the product is a bit dry. I had a hard time applying it the first try. The product got on my eyelids. Is it because of my hooded lids or the wand, I don’t know. I don’t get this problem with Maybelline mascaras. Even now I apply it carefully, there’s still some small-very small spot stuck on my lids. Huff~ There are some fallout too, believe me. The mascara looks clumpy, though you can still work on the application. The good thing about this mascara is that it separates my lashes pretty nicely and survive the water! I was afraid it would melt over humid days and outdoor activities. Thank goodness it doesn’t.

Miss Manga on and Rouge Magique 931 applied (excuse my no touch-up face and my ugly under eyes TwT)

Miss Manga is a nice mascara but don’t expect it will boost your lashes to look like girls in the manga. Maybe if you apply it in layers…this will work. But I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t wear bold mascara so I want my mascara to look fabulous in one go. Then again I wear glasses on daily basis, that’s why layering mascara is a no-no. I still like Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara better. The lipstick, however, I love it so much! I keep this in my bag for quick touch-up when I want to highlight my natural lip color.

Miss Manga mascara retails from IDR 170k and Rogue Magique lipstick is IDR 129k in Matahari Dept. Store.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the next post (♡˙︶˙♡)


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