Did I hear it right?? The Evil Within is getting a sequel!

And guess what, it’s coming in October this year!

Who’s excited for more Seb???


If you followed me since the beginning or at least 3 years ago, I posted a short thought of The Evil Within. I really liked the game and have seen the DLCs (Kidman’s my favorite DLC). I wished they would release more and told us Joseph Oda’s life status! (even his relationship status-I don’t mind lol) But we got nada.

Three years I was in agony thinking of Jojo–as Markiplier called him throughout the game–like, is he alive? Or is he really dead and cannot go back to the real world? These questions bugged me to the point I let him go, moved on by forgetting it a little since we never got any updates there would be a continuation. Until recently, in the biggest game conference E3, Bethesda confirmed there is more Sebastian’s journey to the west!

Here, watch the trailer in Gamespot or Bethesda for more info and major plot of TEW 2.

Seeing the poster and the trailer, Sebastian is still the main lead in the sequel. This time Kidman will more likely help him to find the truth about Mobius and his missing wife. I think it will also tell us about his daughter’s fate? So much to look forward!

I expect Shinji Mikami to make a conclusion of Jojo. Please, PLEASE!  I just need to know whether he’s alive or dead, though I’m so hoping he somewhat survived and will join Sebastian in fighting monsters or so. Rather…….would he become the monster itself? He could be the final boss for the second series. Not much info released yet, anything is possible. As long as we have a closure of Joseph Oda, I’ll be sitting here calmly. If I can.

This Fall is so worth waiting for.


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