A dream of Dream Space…

Some time ago I received a very nice message asking me about my dream space. A dream vanity, to be exact. As I am now partly beauty blogger, of course I want my personal beauty space where I can modify, if I’m not being so busy surviving my job or fangirl over K-drama stars (yes I mean you, Ji Soo-ssi ^///^). I think it’s time to write something about my dream makeup vanity, my own personalized space where I can get more ideas and be more productive in writing both blog and stories. Because believe me, every blogger or writer needs one.

My dream space has to be spacious and paint in white. Huge window seals will be installed on the east side of the room, so sunlight gets through easily. I really like white room lit by direct sunlight. Looks very natural and classy.

Simple and clean–two things I always want in my dream vanity. Simple storage with some racks would be nice. I don’t mind if my vanity table is small, as long as it has direct sunlight and big enough to put all my beauty stuff then it’s totally okay 😄

Most beauty vanities have great lightings, but I personally have no idea what kind of lightings suit my liking. Since I don’t consider myself a pro beauty enthusiast and so far I don’t use specific lamps when dolling up. I guess the more you put yourself into putting makeups, lightings do help you apply better.

I found this one on arhaus. Super pretty table lamp! Check out their beautiful lighting here.

A beautiful, one of a kind floor lamp will be great to decor my dream space.

Next, my vanity wouldn’t be complete without skincare section. I would put my skincare cabinet in my room, next to my vanity table. I like doing my skincare routine sitting if possible. Not that I mind standing…sitting allows me to do my skincare time thoroughly.

And not to forget, bookshelf and a computer desk… A writer (self-proclaimed by yours truly) must have a decent writing desk and comfy chair like a boss. I choose white furniture over brown. Nonetheless, classic brown bookshelves are favorable options.

My room now is a whole mess of books piling up here and there and I can’t see the corner of my room *cry in the nearest corner I can find* I’m not only a bookworm but literally loves physical books. I ended up buying more books I haven’t opened the plastic seal yet! That’s why I want–need bookshelves to store my books and also my anime figure collection in one go.

That’s what I’m talking about (๑꒪▿꒪)*

So this is a glimpse of my dream space and vanity I would like to have. Although I don’t have my own space yet, I’m still happy with my little cave. It’s not big whatsoever, but I get most of my ideas there. Surely, imagining a pretty vanity plus the dresser won’t hurt…just, don’t do it too often lol

Thank you so much for reading! I’ll see you in my next post~


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