On Wednesdays we wear pink…

I used to think pink lipsticks are not for me. Most of my lippies were either orange or peachy tones. Yet here I am, talking about pink lipsticks I own, which are plenty and outnumber my peach/orange lippies. Well, pink looks good on me anyway 😋

Most of my pink liquid lipsticks come from local brands. The reason why I purchase so many local beauty products is surely because they’re super affordable. You can get them under IDR 100k, which is cheap considering some of them have very good formula.

Here are the swatches of my pink liquid mattes collection…

…that are not so pink. Okay, a few of the liquid lipsticks don’t even look pink on arm swatch, but it looks pink on my lips. NYX Lip Lingerie is a nude on the side of pink beige on me. Mineral Botanica‘s Soft Matte Lip Cream Honey Nude is a bright rosy pink when applied. I got fooled, too.

I have one more pink liquid matte that I forgot to put on the photo since it was on my makeup pouch. Here’s a little comparison:

MakeOver Intense Matte Lip Cream 008 Libertine is similar to Sariayu Duo Lip Color DLC-07. They’re just teeny bit different–Libertine is more to the mauve shade while DLC-07 has brownish tone. Among those matte creams, MakeOver is by far my favorite in terms of formulation. It’s really comfortable to wear and doesn’t fade easily. I’m so hoping they’ll come with orange-peachy shades soon… Please hear me out, MakeOver 😭

Any pink liquid lipstick that you like?

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post~


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