Feeling cute! This blusher makes me super kawaii

Who else is a sucker for cute makeup?

April and May were hella months for me since my office moved farther than our old one and I got less schedule than I usually had. It wasn’t easy, but I managed somehow. I took a little break from writing blog but found myself finished a chapter of my fanfiction. I came back almost a year I left the story hanging lol

But worry not, I have some blogposts coming up after this one.

Ettusais Japan released this super cute Cat Cheek Color, the newer version of its cheek color with the flower pattern a while ago. I’m not sure if it is a limited edition since it’s been on the market for some time. I hope it’s permanent, because look. at. how. cute. the. product. is! The cheek color comes in 2 shades, PK or Pink, and OR stands for Orange. I purchased OR.


Ettusais Cat Cheek Blush is packed in a small plastic jar and has a puff on the bottom lid. It is a round puff with very soft applicator. I find it a bit hard to apply the blush using the puff since it doesn’t have long handle, and several times I feel like hitting my eyes when using it. But the puff does work in applying the blush so no prob!

What the website says about the product (translated through Chrome):

Cat cheek color

From popular teak color, healing system “cat” limited design appearance!
Bloody color × fluffy Pearl makes you feel like touching it fluffily loved cheeks!
Smoothly fitted without scattering skin ♪ Capacity: 2.4 g
Product size (width × height × depth / mm) 44.5 × 47 × 27.5

Rough translation, I know.

Inside the package, there are 2 colors which shown by the cats design. One has bold coral-orange shade and the other is lighter. And around the two cats are shimmery, highlighty blush. You can use it alone or mix it together. It has very small shimmer so if you don’t want your cheeks look super shiny, you may want to be careful when mix the colors together.

Below is the swatches:

I like to use both the orange shades–I apply the darker orange around the apples of cheeks or right below my eyes, and the lighter shade follows a bit on the higher part of my cheeks. Using two tones of blush creates extra dimention to my look ^^ It gives fresh and natural vibe on my complexion. The blush itself does the job pretty nicely. It blends easily on my face without making my pores visible. It stays on my face around 4 hours even after I splash my face with some water!

Though I only have been using it for 2 days, I really like the natural flush it gives on my face. I don’t see any sign of irritation so it’s a plus~ Seriously, I can’t get enough of the whole product–even the plastic box, looks HELLA CUTE!

I purchased mine on instagram at @iroiroshopu.

Thank you for reading and I see you in the next post!


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