5 years of blogging, what’s next?

I got notification last week that my blog has turned 5 years old. I suddenly thought: oh my God, it’s already that old???

I started making this blog for blogging assignments. I took basic Journalism in my second year of college. My instructor told me to write more as a part of your daily life, if you want to put yourself into Journalist world. She told us to make a blog and write weekly.

I was very excited because I was familiar with blog–though just a bit–so I made one and hoped she would give me some feedback of what I write. I don’t think she saw our blogs because not long after that, she must flew back to the US since her mother was sick. Then I almost forgot about it and didn’t write here for quite some time.

I remembered I began actively writing this blog especially with beauty stuff was in 2014. It was the year I got interested in makeup and skincare. Muse was the website up to this day still I access to whenever I want to know the new beauty releases. And then I looked up makeup reviews online and found beauty blogs all around. Reading so many blogs, I wonder why not I make one beauty blog as well. And it won’t be just a beauty blog. It will be my blog–where I can post anything I like and my thoughts.

i didn’t make this for the sake of fame. Man, I’m not affiliated with any beauty community. I just love makeup and skincare. And sharing my thought on them on the blog is one of the ways I can share about what’s good and what’s not. Though again, makeup and skincare work differently to anyone. But that’s okay. Being a beauty enthusiast, sometimes I’m happy with just browsing around for makeup swatches, or pictures, whatever pretty makeup I can see. I maybe the one who can be happy just by that kind of thing lololol

I learn to use makeup on my own by watching beauty gurus on Youtube. I watch videos from Cassandra Bankson, Kathleen Lights, Tati, Pony, Lisa Eldridge, and many more makeup artists. And even if I’m a self-taught, I don’t think I will be that pro because all I do is collecting makeup and do natural look. I’m not intended to be a makeup artist, honestly speaking. I just see colors in makeup and I feel like buying them, which I know I don’t actually need them but still…..


My blog is a compilation of my likes. There will be random posts going around–trust me, I plan to be more active on my blog and going to post about games, too. The tagline of my blog is ‘Not just a beauty blog’ but what I did is posting more of beauty stuff *cry*

Thank you so much for following my blog!

I got more and more followers lately and I’d like to say my gratitude to you, even if you don’t really read this post ^^

Please anticipate more from me! I’ll do my best to be more active in blogging.

Have a great day!


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