Colourpop Trio

It’s about time to give my thoughts on this chic and affordable brand.

I have been using the two Ultra Satin Lips and the Super Shock Shadow for a while now. Colourpop  always releases more collection really quick than a blink of my eyes. They now have pressed shadows which I’ve been eyeing and the Peachy collection quad I’m really wanting to get. But save it for later!

Beauty Youtuber KathleenLights praised Ultra Satin Lips to have better formula than the Ultra Matte Lips. With that, I quickly got myself USL Alyssa from her collection and last month buy another one with the eyeshadow.

I really like Colourpop liquid lipstick’s packaging. It’s very classy and cute–you can see the shades you pick just by looking at the tube. It has the brand name and the type of lipstick with monochrome tone which make it more sophisticated. But too bad it will fade after I put it into makeup pouch and crash with other makeups.

Talk about the formula, Ultra Satin Lips does have a very unique one. It is creamy and very opaque even by one swipe. It’s going to be matte after leaving it several minutes and a bit sticky at the very first time. However, it doesn’t dry my lips as other matte liquid lipsticks do to me. I honestly cannot compare this to Ultra Matte Lips because I haven’t tried any Colourpop UML before. But I can tell you that I really like these Alyssa and Screenshot a lot. Screenshot described as midtone nude peach, contrast to Alyssa that is a muted pink. Quirky fact: I purchased Alyssa because of the name. My Mama was a big fan of Alyssa Milano back then, and at first she wanted to name me Alyssa. I don’t know why she gave me another name other than Alyssa, yet I still think that’s such a pretty name. So now I like the name Alyssa and maybe some other time I will use this name for something…lol


Okay, moving on to the eyeshadow.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow I bought is Wattles.

Many beauty bloggers say this shade is a transition shade, which means you can use it to blend the outer corner of your eyes using this to soften other shades. No, scratch that. I don’t know what exactly am I talking about.

On the website, Wattles is described as dusty satin beige pink. The color is neutral and looks quite sheer on me. I think it will look the best on people with fairer complexion. The formula is very soft and pigmented. It is somehow buttery and feels wet, doesn’t have any fallout at all! It’s best to use finger and dab it on the lid. I like using it alone or as a base shadow for pinky or purple-y eye look.

Some people say that the formula is hard to work with brushes–only synthetic brush will do. Now, I haven’t tried it with any brush, but I did try to blend it using my fluffy blending brush from Armando Caruso and it worked just fine.

Those are my Colourpop products I have so far. I really like them and definitely purchase more very soon.

Thank you so much for reading ^^


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