[Review] Avene Thermal Spring Water

I’ve read online that some of beauty bloggers raved this stuff.

And now I’m going to be one of them lol

I was first introduced to Avene Thermal Spring Water when I read on my favorite Indonesian beauty blogger Agnes Oryza. She shared how this spray calmed troubled skin, as I DO have. I mean–breakouts, redness, dehydrated. Aren’t they trouble? And if you see from the back of the can spray, Avene is formulated for irritated skin.

Seems dreamy, right?

But it does what it claims. I use this for everything: toner, setting spray, refreshner, whatever I want it! It soothes redness–active breakouts and sunburn on my face. I spray it after makeup and my complexion looks hydrated, no crack or dry patches. I love the fact that it comes in can spray.

Last week I got very bad skin allergy and had to stop my skincare routine. It was only a few days but my skin feels bumpy and dull. So I started using Hatomugi and Avene only, before I went back to my routine. The combination is superb! My fave feels softer and smooth instantly. I feel like this thermal water spray helps to regenerate my skin to its best condition. My face, mainly around my cheeks are texture because of bumpy acne scare and horrible facial marks. With Avene, my cheeks don’t feel so rough–they’re smooth. Now, if only this can repair my damaged skin lolol a girl can only wish (*ยด็ฝ’`*)

Anyhoo, I LOVE Avene Thermal Water. It’s more pricey than other water sprays (I see you, E**an), but it’s definitely worth the money. Mind you that my skin is supeeerr sensitive but I have no problem at all with this product. 

It retails IDR 188k for 150mL and IDR 100k for 50mL in Guardian Indonesia.

Thank you for reading and see you on the next post ๐Ÿ˜˜


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