[Review] The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation

It’s finally released in Indonesia!
The very first cushion from The Body Shop, Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation. I was sooo excited when a beauty celeb Rachel Goddard teased us with TBS cushion. It was months ago, i think.

Fresh Nude Foundation firstly launched in the middle of this year. I haven’t tried the original one with the adjusting shades light and dark because I don’t use foundation on daily basis and I honestly think if I get one it maybe stays on my vanity box and rarely used. So when TBS released the cushion version, which now every beauty brand has one, I rushed to the nearest TBS to get one.


The TBS website says:

“Cushion foundations are the latest thing to hit the make-up circuit and the Fresh nude Cushion Foundation is undoubtedly easy to apply, super hygienic and enables you to customise your level of coverage.

• 24 hour fresh moisture     • SPF 25+++

• 100% vegan     • Suitable for sensitive skin

What does it do? Enriched with English rose water and 100% organic Community Trade aloe vera, it will give all over coverage and leave skin feeling fresh-faced with a natural looking finish. Suitable for even sensitive skin!

Expert Tip! – Press the product onto the skin with the Fresh Face Pad Applicator and rock it back and forth to apply evenly.    

– Customise your coverage by applying as many times as desired and pop in your handbag to touch-up your look whenever needed.. “

I am super excited because it’s vegan! Means they use natural ingredients without animal harm. SPF inside is pretty much appreciated, so you can skip your sunscreen and straight using the cushion after your skincare routine. Though I won’t skip my sunscreen unless my base is SPF 50 and I don’t want to look super white ;_;

Similar to any other cushion foundation, it comes in a round cushion packaging with a big mirror and the puff inside. What I like about it the first time I see it, it doesn’t use soaked sponge inside to keep the foundation. Most cushions I know use soaked-foundation sponge. Thank goodness this one doesn’t! I just love it.

It has a mild scent of mac n cheese….? Lol I’m not sure but the scent is quite something for me. I really don’t mind it. It’s  not chemical or floral. Moving on to the product, the BA says this is the lighter version of the one in the bottle–means it has sheer coverage and has natural semi-matte finish. Yes to semi-matte! I’m not a big fan of matte finish because I have areas around my face that are dry and matte finish base only accentuates flakes on my complexion. I like it dewy and a bit matte. I suggest you don’t need to powder after this because when I tried to set it with powder, I looked so cakey and had to remove it and reapplied the whole face. I don’t know it’s because the way I set my powder or what. Since then, I never put any powder on top of it and like the finish as it is.

I purchased the shade 03 Malawi Beach, leans to warm beige. This shade is non-other my skin shade—not too light, not too dark. Unlike most K-brands cushions that looks too light on me eventhough I picked the darkest color, they also tend to have cool shades. Thank you TBS for having warm shades that suit yellow skin toned people better than K-brands.

As it says, it does lock moisture. You feel moisturized and look dewy after apply it. I’m not really sure about 24 hours moisture, but it stays quite a while before I start shining bright like a diamond (lol oily). I like using it as everyday base for it’s practical, easy to use. You can build up the coverage by layering but I choose to use concealer to cover my imperfections. And it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin! ヽ(´▽`)/ MAJOR LOVE

Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation retails around IDR 350k at The Body Shop stores.

Thank you for reading 😘


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