[Review] Wardah Intense Matte Lipsticks

I have been into locals these days.

First of all, it saves me some money. You know as a beauty enthusiast and figures collector, I always take some time to collect both either makeups and my favorite toys. So yeah that can be quite a hassle for my wallet but I like them TvT Secondly, I can get plenty of products than just splurging for one. Of course I like high-end beauties. Just not today.

And our local brands keep getting better, so why not trying some?

On my instagram I have posted some of my favorites and it will keep growing I guess. So now let me give a word on the new lipstick line from Wardah, the all new Intense Matte Lipstick.


With all liquid lipsticks trend going on, the Indonesian leading beauty brand Wardah launched the new matte lipsticks. It has a wide range of shades compare to the old matte lipsticks–Long Lasting line, though I think you can still find some similar shades  in this line.

Not much I can say about this because I can’t find any information about it in the website. You can find a simple description of the lipstick: Smooth creamy texture, supreme moisture, long-lasting and highly pigmented colors. I do agree to some points but I’ll save it for later.


They come in a silver, frosty tube just like the previous matte lipsticks. It reminds me of MakeOver Ultra Hi-Matte lipsticks, but then again that is the sister brand of Wardah. So they’re identical. The price is different, however. I honestly really like the box. So colorful❤


I picked up the four shades plus one that I bought before–there was a good deal buy 3 get 1 for free at Watsons so I purchased them without thinking twice lol. Pay 130k-something and get 4 lipsticks???? COUNT ME IN HA HA.  Anyway, I forgot where I put the first box so I only captured four. I have 01 Socialite Peach, 04 Mauve Mellow, 05 Easy Brown, 07 Passionate Pink, and 11 Choco Town.

Okay, let’s talk about the formula. I was really scared of matte lipsticks when I was in college. I’m afraid they would dry out my pout because I used to have very dry lips. And I didn’t know about lips scrub before so imagine that. These lipsticks feel very soft and velvety when applied. The formula is like NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream or Revlon Matte Balm. It has a faint scent of vanilla or cookies, like any other Wardah lipsticks apart from the lip creams. I don’t mind the scent. It’s definitely much better than Mineral Botanica Soft Matte Lip Cream‘s scent. I just can’t bring that up 😦


The colors are vibrant and pretty! And as the line’s name, they look intense. Don’t you think? I apply 2 swipes and the color appears nicely. I have never been a heavy lipstick user so a few swipes are all I need. The colors are buildable, too.

As much as I like the lipsticks, there are also the minus points. It stays on my lip lines. It turns patchy after I drink water or eat some food. I was hoping it’d leave you with a pretty tinted color but yeah, what do I expect?

The lasting power is so-so. Like any other lipsticks, you need to reapply after having meals. On my lips, the lipstick stays nicely for around 2 hours and then it turns patchy without me eating heavily. I gulp some water and it looks cracked. I’m okay with reapplying but I usually wipe it all off first and then reapply.

It’s a fun lipstick with a lot of pinks and reds to choose. My favorite from the bunch is Mauve Mellow–my nude color that doesn’t wash out my complexion. I lately combine it with Socialite Peach and seriously love the final look. You can have one for IDR 46k at all Wardah stores and local drugstores.

Have you tried Intense Matte Lipstick?

Thank you for reading 😘


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