So I said I would rave about this…


Of course I have to.

Because this stuff is AMAZING.

Here I present you my current favorite toner and facial spray: Hatomugi Skin Conditioner. This super affordable –miracle- water is said to be the dupe for Albion’s very famous skin conditioner. You can find online about Albion, it’s pretty much as famous as SK II’s Facial Treatment Essence in Japan. Slightly different in appearance and packaging, I think.

I’m just gonna blabber about the baby right here.


Since my last toner, Mineral Botanica Acne Care Toner almost ran out, it was a hint for me to try a new toner. I religiously purchased The Body Shop’s Tea Tree toner for the past year. I want to try something different. I remember I tried the starter kit of Albion Skin Conditioner last year. It wasn’t long because I only got the travel size–15 mL in a spray bottle and the very soft cottons designed specially to use the ski-con. I had the thought to get the full size. But it is a high end skincare product, the price will certainly breaks meย  this month. And because I have to save some budgets for other needs, I browsed a little for other toners. That’s when I found Hatomugi.

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner from Imju Naturie is a lightweight, milky white water to hydrate the skin. It is quite popular in Japan as it’s claimed to be the cheaper version of Albion.It has Coix Seed (widely known as Job’s Tears grain) extract to make the face and body smooth.

Not much I can find about Hatomugi Skin Conditioner. You can try to read the in-depth review about it from Shop Girl, she made a review with full explanation about the ingredients and the application.

Thank goodness it’s sold in Indonesia, though I did have to drive miles away from home just for a goddamn toner lol. It’s worth it.

It’s worth it because I only paid for IDR 100K–not exactly, I remembered it’s around 98K–and I got a HUGE size plus the spray bottle. IT’S A GREAT DEAL!

And remember how I love multipurpose stuff? This conditioner can be used for face and body! How cool is that??? It is basically a calming mist for my troubled skin during the day, my toner day and night, a moisturizing mask too if you soak it into the cotton pads and just let them stay on the skin. But most of the time I simply spritz it on my face or my skin. I have been using it for a week and so far I LOVE IT. It makes my skin soft and feels plump. There is a cooling effect right after you apply it on the skin. It really is hydrating. While the ski-con has the good things, it’s not the best skincare out there. For the hydrating and calming job, it works as expected. Not really changing the fact that I have patchy areas on the face and must reapply it after hours. I’m totally fine with that.

You can buy this at Aeon Supermarket in Aeon Mall BSD.

Do share your thought if you have tried Hatomugi Skin Conditioner!



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