Double The Tints


I’m back with two Korean brands lip tints.

As a present from me for me being a 25 year old, I purchased lip tints. I originally planned to buy one lipstick I’m currently looking for: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 16 Honeymood. Sadly, it’s sold out everywhere. Even I asked a friend to look it out for me in her town and she couldn’t find one. So, because I don’t want to wait any longer for now (I’m still going to get it some time later lol), I gave myself tints, which I have been eyeing for a while.

I got Aritaum’s Color Lasting Tint and Watery Tint from The Face Shop x Kakao Talk line.

I read some raves on Aritaum lip tints and I tempted to try one. I checked up on chic-princessa that Color Lasting Tint was on their new products. I chose the color #8 called Shy Orange. Such a cute name! And orange! Because well, you know how I feel with orange.


This tint comes in a sleek black tube with wand inside the cap. The wand is the same with Maybelline Velvet Matte‘s wand–a bit bend and the applicator shaped like a leave. It’s so different with usual wands of lip tints I knew. But that’s the good thing. It makes the tint easy to apply.

Let’s break down to the performance. Color Lasting Tint is a glossy tint which color pay off is buildable. You can either apply it to get vibrant color or just dabs softly using finger for softer look. I really like the fact that the texture is somewhat moisturizing, so it doesn’t make your lips dry and cracked. It also doesn’t stay on the lip lines. The lasting power is so-so in my opinion. You might want to re-apply it after four or five hours without eating or drinking and you tend to lick your lips a lot like me. But I don’t mind, though. Oh, and the good thing is, if you happen to lick this lip tint, it doesn’t taste bitter! Like anyone would notice lol



Next is The Face Shop’s Watery Tint. The packaging is transparent plastic bottle and you can see the color immediately when pick this up. But here is what tricks me.

Look at the picture correctly. It is such a nice orange color, right? I purchased the shade 02 Coralster. I tried to capture the real color and it came out like this. However, when I tried this on my lips and spread it with finger, the color changed to vivid pink, not even close to coral! Or is this some other kind of coral? I have no idea. I’m quite upset because it doesn’t seem to be coral as I thought. Not that I hate it, but I never really rock pink lipstick. I always think it doesn’t flatter my complexion. But anyway I’m still trying to ace this tint so let’s see what I can do.




PhotoGrid_1465838520664applying Coralster a little with moisturizing balm.

If you are a lip tint craze, you may want to check them up.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I’ll see you in the next post ^^



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