Airy Touch Cheek and Lip by Club


What do you think when you see a makeup with cute packaging?

I would scream inside my head: YES! I WANT ONE!

And so there it is. Airy Touch Cheek and Lip I ordered from @iroiroshopu. If you follow my blog, I wrote a post of Airy Touch Powder and really love it up til now. It almost runs out so I switch to Wardah Loose Powder for everyday use. But I’m not talking about the powder now. Let’s talk about this little one.





Airy Touch Cheek and Lip is the latest product from Club. It released around March this year. It has 3 shades: Red, Pink, and Orange. My favorite color is orange and I’m so keen toward orange beauty stuff or anything, so yeah. It is a cream blush and lip cream in one.

The packaging is the same as Touch Powder has: round can and twisted cap. Here is the comparison of Airy Touch Powder and Airy Touch Cheek and Lip. Isn’t it a cutie patootie?


All the description are in Japanese. I can barely read it which is why I must study Japanese harder but this is a 2-in-1 multifunctional cream.

I was pretty much hyped when it came. Well, it didn’t last.

The cream looks great in the container, but actually, it is pretty sheer when applied. The texture is soft and buttery, reminds me or my favorite butter with thicker consistency. It has no particular scent.

I used it as a cream blush. Though the color doesn’t pay off, but it gives me a sheer glow on my cheeks. It has pearly micro shimmers which can also highlight the cheeks. It doesn’t look that good on my lips, though. Makes my lips look paler ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


20160510_145013ย  20160510_144833

Airy Touch Cheek and Lip on my cheeks and lips.

I really like it for everyday makeup as cheek tint, not lip cream. However this will make a good gradient lips if combined with orange tint.

That’s all for today.

Thank you for reading ^^


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