Minnie’s May Tunes

Good day!

Here I present you some tunes I have been listening up to this day.

Selena Gomez – Hands to Myself

At first when I watched the music video I was like, nah not for me. But then I kept replaying the song inside my head and turned out to be my favorite song. Such a catchy and sexy song it is.

Tyrese – Shame

I never knew Tyrese is a great singer until I heard this song. Man, I only knew him from movies. Good thing I checked this one out! Cannot stop playing it since.

Imagine Dragons – Not Today

Okay I have to tell you that this upcoming movie has made me cry a river just from seeing the movie trailer. And again Imagine Dragons perform such a beautiful soundtrack! Definitely will see the movie. I’m still contradicted whether to read the book first or just wait for the movie…

Park Bo Young – Leave (Piano ver.)

Park Bo Young has a very soothing voice and she sings this tune perfectly. Yet I’m very weak toward piano versions. This one really warms my heart.

Leona Lewis – Yesterday

God, I have no idea how many times I looped this song! Instant LOVE after found this track. Is it an old song? Whatever.ย  I really need to bring back Leona Lewis’s tracks into my playlist. Other favorites from Leona Lewis: Run, Happy, I See You, My Hands, Lovebird, Bleeding Love

Any favorite tunes this month?

Thank you for reading ^^





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