Latest Beauty Purchases



I’m back with another beauty blog post.

Today I bring you my latest purchases which I bought in stores and online. Let’s head up to the items~

  • Cure Natural Aqua Gel

I finally got the full size of this after tried the shared size last year. What I really like about this exfoliator gel is it works well on my skin and doesn’t give me dry patches after I use it. I have tried Skin & Lab Gently Vita Exfoliator and liked it, but somehow it made my skin drier after used. I kinda like the fruity scent and vitamin beads that quickly melted once I rubbed my face. Cure does better on me. This full size’s price is no joke, but really worth the investment. I purchased mine from @iroiroshopu.

  • Biore UV Watery Essence

I don’t know why it is so hard to get Biore UV line here in the city I live in. I could get it easily last year on drug stores in the mall nearby. Now I can’t find any. So I had to pre-order through @iroiroshopu just for friggin’ sunscreen -___- Still one of my favorites, I may pre-order again if I’m lazy enough to look for it in stores. Wait, I’m lazy enough lol. I would like to try the watery gel and the spray version later.

  • Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

After reading the hype from beauty bloggers, I purchased one. Most of the shades have shimmers and quite contrary to my liking because for everyday look I tend to use matte colors. It’s a pretty good palette and has quite range of browns and bright champagne-y shades so I may as well dolling up outside my comfort zone. You can get this on Maybelline booth or Guardian drugstore for around IDR 150k.

  • Airy Touch Cheek and Lip by Club

I cannot stop adoring Club cosmetic for its cute packaging. After in love with its powder, now the cheeks and lips cream has done the same thing to me. I have been using it several times. It’s not as orange as I thought it would be. I will make a separate blog post coming up!

  • Ettusais Lip Essence Colored

Another haul from Japan! I loved the original version of Lip Essence and this time I bought the colored one. The color is pretty sheer, though. I guess I will also make a review post for it. It’s my current holy grail lip care.

I apologize if it’s quite short. Usually the second month of the term and next month, I will be very busy. I don’t even have time to read my books after I hauled some from the very first Big Bad Wolf book fair in Indonesia. It was crazy when I got there. And because my budget was quite limited, I didn’t splurge on books there. Maybe next year I will, if there will be any more BBW event TvT

That’s all for now! Thank you for stopping by~


2 thoughts on “Latest Beauty Purchases

  1. mbatasa says:

    Halo, sunscreen Biore ini chemical ya? Banyak banget yaah yang suka item satu ini. Ya orang asia, ya bule… Bagus banget berarti (buat yang kulitnya cocok) 😀 Cure aqua gel pun udah lama aku denger bagus. Tapi iyaya mahal 😦 Eyeshadow palette Maybelline.. Agak nyesel deh gak ngambil bulan lalu pas diskon di Guardian buy 1 get 1.

    • Minnie says:

      Dari yg aku baca di beauty blogs memang chemical, mungkin bisa google utk ingredients nya karena blm tentu smua org cocok 🙂
      Iya yg cure memang mahal tp ukurannya besar dan krn nggak dipakai setiap hari jd worth bgt kalo beli ^^

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