Missha X LINE Friends Magic Cushion Moisture & 4D Mascara


Missha collaborated with LINE to make very cute beauty products in the market.

If you are a LINE user (or not), you may want to check out their latest line (no pun intended) with Sally and Brown as their icon ambassadors. You can check more of Missha x LINE Friends here. I purchased two from the line: Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture and 4D Mascara.

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20160317_103529 20160317_103549 20160317_103601 20160317_103911 20160317_103629

Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture is one of makeup base cushions that promised to give dewy, moisturized skin finish. And it does! It gives you dewy, glowing skin and medium coverage. I picked the shade #23 Natural Beige. I was torn between the case: Sally or Brown. Brown is Missha M Magic Cushion, the other version than Moisture one, the Matte sister. Last time I used base cushion was Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion and it was two years ago. And I have to make an edit: Etude Any Cushion leaves semi-matte finish on my face. I repurchased the refill together when ordering Missha’s LINE products and make a quick comparison of the two.


As I told you before, Missha has dewy finish, while Etude is more to matte. Though I got the darkest shade of Any Cushion, somehow it still looks gray-ish and doesn’t match my skintone. If you see the comparison shades on the picture, Missha is slight darker than Etude. Though Missha’s darkest shade also looks lighter than my skintone but it blends to my natural shade just fine. Since it is not matte, it doesn’t look flaky around my cheeks! My cheeks turn dry starting this year. I don’t know why–I think it’s because I have not drinking enough water. So I am avoiding matte powder or bases. I’m afraid matte finish accentuate flakiness. I don’t like when I see my face and see patches around my cheeks. It’s like my chubbs so dry it wants to suck up water TmT That’s why I keep using Missha’s cushion everyday! LOVE.

Thankfully, because it has been on featured product, if we buy the cushion we will get one refill for free. Such a good deal! I will repurchase it for sure and try other cushions as well.

20160317_104329 20160317_104254 20160317_103723

On to the mascara, 4D Mascara is the one of Missha’s Brown edition makeups. I was thinking maybe I should get one from Brown edition and since I need to buy a mascara, so I took 4D Mascara. Honestly speaking, I’m not a big fan of mascara. I wear glasses everytime, and applying mascara will only make my lashes feel stuck between the lenses. I do like applying it for special occasions–it beautifies my look. And a girl needs at least one mascara on her beauty arsenal, in my opinion. I don’t know if it supposed to make my lashes look longer and fuller, as the name of the mascara is 4D Mascara. It is a pretty decent mascara, I think.


I wish I could collect all products. I really want their lip tints though はははは

Thank you for reading and see you on the next post!


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