Minnie’s March Tunes

Are you one of those people who think we actually have soundtracks in life? Like, when you start your day you have that one particular song playing inside your mind? Or when you think about something fun then you play one or two songs to lift you up? Maybe we are the same. Because I always think there are some songs for each occasion. But this post isn’t about which songs go to what event, no. I just want to share my favorite tunes I have been listening to. In car, at home, in public transport, I currently have tunes to listen. They’re not latest hits, just something I like at the moment.

So I present you my March tunes!

  • Clean Bandit – Stronger
  • Jess Glynne – Ain’t Got Far To Go
  • Alessia Cara – Here
  • Coldplay – Adventure of A Lifetime
  • Ellie Goulding – On My Mind
  • Ariana Grande – Focus
  • The Script – Man On A Wire
  • Jason DeRulo – Trumpets

Yup, those are songs I kept replaying so many times this month. I keep coming back to those tracks when I need to move or sway my hip ha ha.

See you on the next post!


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