Back to Reading again…


The term break is around the corner!

I’m super excited, as ifย  I were a five year old wanting a bunch of candies ha ha. I am still busy at the office, though. Making term reports and such, pretty much taking my mind to go outside and scream. But I didn’t do that.

I looked up to my book shelf and saw my favorite series when I was 12 or 13 and I couldn’t contain myself not to reading it again. So here I am, with Princess Diaries, revisiting Mia and her high school life. I am so hooked up to Mia and Michael again after a while.

Plus, the doujinshis I pre-ordered came at last. Don’t ask if I speak or read Japanese. My Japanese is so poor I hardly read kanji *sob* I make excuses to learn Japanese from dj because I just had to have these wwww. I am Daiya no Ace craze, and MiSawa is my number one OTP. I purchased 2 MiSawa dj by Julia. Her artwork is a godsend for a MiSawa fan like me. The other one is Kuroko no Basuke‘s dj, pairing Ootsubo x Kiyoshi. This is the only OotsuKi dj which I can find online. When I saw this on, internally screaming: I MUST HAVE IT NO MATTER WHAT because! OotsuKi is a rare pair! I maybe one of 10 or less people who may like the pair because KiHyuu or MuraKi is more popular. Then again I can understand since Kiyoshi has a very rare interaction with Ootsubo. A fangirl can fangirl, anyway. Oh, I start reading fanfictions too after so long taking a break from AO3. I’m not writing for the time being. However, I plan to write again when term break comes. I need to give my love for my OTPs.

Enough with the fangirl rambling!

My upcoming personal life post will be about current favorite songs.

Have a good day!


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