New term means new stressful weeks.

LOL I’m joking. Well, partly joking.

As I am now entering my five months working, I deal with more challenge. That being said, I have to face spoiled kids because they can be really demanding. They’re actually cute, it’s just that we really need agreement in the class.

Weekly treatment is somehow a luxury for me for the past five months. I tried to do it every week, but in reality I didn’t spend my weekend at home. At least I can do weekly treatment twice a month haha.

Last month I was introduced to this organic facial clay by Earthly Creations. It is called Soothing Facial Clay Mask with Green Tea since I told them I have troubled skin. They have more variants for other skin concern, but Lord knows I always fight acnes, oily, sensitive skin. They sent me the Green Tea one. So now let me tell you my opinion about it.

It is a classic powder clay mask which you can make it into paste and rub it all over the face. The powder looks quite brownish green color in real life. Once you open the plastic container, I can smell the green tea scent immediately. I don’t find the scent bothers me.

Take some amount of the powder to mask the face and put some drops of water to make the paste. Pretty simple, right? Once I make the paste, I can feel the greasiness of the powder and some real leaves used in the ingredients. But dear, it smeellss like matcha! If I don’t remember this is a mask maybe I would take a sip… Oh no! xp

After I mask my face, I wait for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. What I like from using this mask is that it makes my skin feels soft and calm. It doesn’t irritate my skin! And my pores do look smaller. I’m still using it for weekly treatment. Though I would prefer mask sheets for practical purpose, I do enjoy using this powder mask. Then again, it’s all-natural clay mask!

You can get it from Earthly Creations instagram.

Thank you Earthly Creations!

Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it 



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