Unboxing (Mikazuki Munechika) Jiji!


Woohoo look at my beautiful Nendo!

All thanks to my friend who pestered me with Touken Ranbu, I ended up order my very first Nendoroid!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t even play the game ha ha. I only know TouRabu from fanarts and timeline flooded by its merchandise. I don’t personally like Mikazuki Munechika or Jiji–so they called. However the Nendo got me hooked up and I needed to have one.

So hit the keep reading button to see me unboxing Jiji!


This Nendo is made by Good Smile company, the one who makes the best Nendoroids out there. They release so many Nendo from various anime and games! You can check them out online.

I’ve known Nendo quite a while, but this is my first purchased. That’s why I look like I dotted so much playing this, much apologize lol


I opened it… I opened it….


The size on my hand…much bigger than any gachapon I have. Inside the box there are a lot of parts to play with the Nendoroid.


…And I peeked under his kimono or whatever it’s called–his outfit, I mean. What a turn down lololol


Look how fierce he is when I put him on our red sofa.

“I’ll paint your world red with your comrade’s blood…”

OMG lololol the heck am I writing that


“I’m done with killing enemies. Now I’ll be having my ocha. Yum~”

His happy-nyan face is my favorite after all ^^


The after image…some are misplaced wwww but I have so much fun taking pictures. This is definitely worth the price considering IDR 475k was quite a money for me. I love the details the maker put on the nendoroid. Even the hair! Gosh I love every part of it.

Aaaand anyway I have placed a preorder for the Doutanuki nendo. So cannot wait for it to be released!


Do you like Nendoroid? What Nendos do you have?

See you in the next post *hugs and kisses*



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