This is by far the cutest packaging I’ve ever had.

Seriously, look at the illustration! So girly, so cute! And first time I saw it, I knew I have the urge to have it ha ha~

So I ordered this one together with Majolica Majorca from @iroiroshopu

Airy Touch Powder by Club is said to be one of the best drugstore powders in Japan. Though I think this one does not have the reputation as good as Chacott has, and honestly I haven’t tried any Chacott loose powder before so I cannot exactly compare the two. I don’t remember when was the first time I knew about this base but the packaging is so cute and then I saw Marzia, yes the CutiePieMarzia wears it in one of her videos. I thought, okay now I really want one!

Packed in a candy can like complete with lidded opener so you twist the cap to open the powder, which I think it is so different from other pressed powder packaging. I like it a lot. The puff is so soft and has bow in the front. JUST HOW MUCH CUTENESS COME IN ONE?? Sorry. Ignore that. The back of the can is all written in Japanese so I cannot tell you much what is it about. It is written it has SPF 20/PA++ and this one is number one. The powder only have one shade but it comes in two types: Matte and Dewy. I choose number 1 that is Matte. The powder has fairly fruity scent. Not really strong, if you are keen to unscented products then you might want to reconsider to buy it. Or if you just cannot hold yourself to cute stuff like me, at least get one for the sake of the cute packaging! LOL no, don’t listen to me on that one.

It is my favorite powder at the moment. I like to wear it alone when I don’t feel like using any makeups but don’t want to look like I have just pour oil onto my face (because my face is that shiny ha ha). The finish is matte yet still looks so smooth and not cakey. Before I wear it I must moisturize my face well since it can accentuate dry patches around my lower cheeks. That’s all my problem. I really love this powder! And again I can just talk about how cute the powder is but no that would be too much~

Any Japanese makeup you would recommend?

Thanks for reading and have a good day *Baymax hug*



  1. Chastity says:

    Hello:) Just wondering. Is this good for all skin types and shades? I don’t know if it will be too light for my darker skin. I’m a yellowish to light brown depending on lighting and weather.

    • Minnie says:

      Hi! They only have one shade but there are 2 types of powder: matte and glow. I purchased the matte one because I have oily skin. My skin is medium beige, yellowish too and at first it looks too light when applied, but then it blends into skin ^^

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