In the Quick Beauty picks post before I have told you a very short review of Majolica Majorca Nude Maker Gel. This baby deserves its own post so here it is!

This is my first time using Majolica Majorca product. So many raves of its mascaras and the powder foundations in beauty blogs when you google it, but what took my fancy is this Nude Maker Gel. As you can read on its tube: this is a lotion, essence gel, make up base, sunscreen, and color controller. ALL IN ONE! Sounds dreamy, huh.

Let’s breakdown on that. It claims to be a lotion and essence gel, which in my opinion works the same as toner and moisturizer. But no, I do not skip my toner and moisturizer routine before using it. I feel weird when I put any foundation or powder without moisturized my skin. So I’m still using my usual skincare routine. After that I can skip my sunscreen because this gel has SPF 30 PA+++ and can be used as base makeup, I simply apply it after my moisturizer.

The gel comes in tube packaging and easy to use. Just squeeze some amount you need on the back of your hand and use rub it onto face. I use fingers to apply this gel and it works perfectly. I think I will try to use sponge later when applying it to see which ways work better.

All descriptions are written in Japanese–even the box so I can’t give you much information about this product. Hopefully I can find something on google later. I pick the shade Nude Beige and because it is also color controller gel, it matches my skin tone well. The coverage is very sheer just like any CC creams if you have tried any before. But with the help of concealer there shouldn’t be a problem. I love how lightweight this gel is. I don’t feel I need to use setting powder afterward unless I want to get matte finish look.

I’ve been reaching Nude Maker Gel a lot these days since it’s so convenient to use. And yes, even in busy days I can always use this and does not feel so naked just because I do not wear so many makeups on. I ditched my last BB cream and wear it more often now.

I pre-ordered mine from @iroiroshopu.

Have you tried this makeup gel?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!



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