Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream by The Body Shop Indonesia


The Body Shop Indonesia launched the newest hand cream, made by Angelica root extract with soft floral scent called Soft Hands Kind Heart. I don’t know if The Body Shop Intl. release hand cream with the same name, but here it’s now sold at TBS shops. With the purchase of this hand cream, consumers also donate IDR 5000 to Omah Munir Foundation to support human rights and education programs. Yes, why not?

I tried it first at the shop, the scent hit me.

Suddenly I felt like I was brought back to my childhood days: I used to spend my Sundays at Grandma’s favorite salon, driving with Grandpa, and hang out with cousins. I am not sure why the scent somehow reminds me a lot of things in the past. I guess one of Grandma’s old beauty stuff had the same scent with this hand cream. I spent my childhood years with her and perhaps I am really attached to this floral scent.

I surely will come back to buy this hand cream again after I finish this one. Hopefully this is not limited edition hand cream though. I do love their Wild Rose Hand Cream but this one has my favorite scent. It’s like I am coming back to the days I used to go to the doctors’ gathering my grandparents attended (both of my grandparents were doctors). They would allow me to play around while watching over me.

Maybe that’s also the thing with being beautiful: you will also be helping others.



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