Quick Beauty Picks


When in rush, I think we girls have some makeup to wear in minutes. Something quick and easy to apply. Or maybe in days you don’t want to put too much makeup and don’t need perfect coverage yet you won’t let anyone else see you bare faced, you always have some beauties to touch up on.

Here are my quick beauty picks which I have been wearing these days. I am currently having treatment and blemishes seem to be fond of staying on my face for a while. So for days I have been wearing Majolica Majorca’s Nude Maker Gel to brighten up my complexion. Though the coverage is very sheer because it works like CC cream, I can always work my concealer on for better coverage. I directly order this from Japan by Instagram account @iroiroshopu Go check her account if you want to pre-order Japanese makeup and skincare ^^

Trivia Eyeshadow Emperor Brown by Make Over is my new favorite eye makeup. Comes in three different matte brown shades, I use the lightest brown for base shadow and the middle brown around the outer corner for daily light-smokey eye makeup. The darkest brown is for brow powder. I simply love this trio palette! And wearing this trivia shadows has becoming my routine…

Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge is a good choice when I want lip balm with a hint of color. Other picks would be Nivea Lip Balm or Maybelline Baby Lips Love Color. I just want to brag about tinted lip balms ha ha

I always love the scent of Moringa by The Body Shop. It is light and fresh, and my first pick whenever I don’t have time to choose which perfume to wear today. The fragrance is one of my repurchases from The Body Shop.

Thank you for reading and have a nice Friday~



3 thoughts on “Quick Beauty Picks

  1. mbatasa says:

    aku lagi rencana mau beli eyeshadow make over trio ini nih. Naksir antara Emperor Brown dan Enchanting Nude Spell. Menurut kamu varian mana yang bakal lebih sering kepake buat sehari-hari? Bimbang banget dua-duanya baguuus >.<

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