Finding Old Favorite: 7 Seeds


Today I’m so pumped to write what I’m currently reading, or re-reading to be exact and think to just write something about it in my blog.

It is 7 Seeds manga by Tamura Yumi.

Read my random rambling after the jump~

It is more like rediscover my favorite manga back when I was a junior high student. It was around 2004 or 2005, I don’t remember. The cover was really took my interest. So I bought it. You can read more about the manga in the wikia or Wikipedia.

Since the first time I read it, I rooted for Arashi and his girlfriend Hana. And since then, I continued reading it to find out whether they finally meet each other or not. But as the continuation released, I stopped buying the series at volume 10.

I just want to personally share what I like about this manga and some characters I like in this entry.

Hana (brown hair) and Natsu

I looked up on the internet about this manga and read some comments about how they hate Hana or simply dislikes her because most likely, she is the Mary Sue type in the series.

Hana is my favorite character in 7 Seeds and yes, she is strong and can do almost anything on her own. She is the polar opposite of Natsu, other female main character that’s shy and timid, good for nothing at first volume of the series. Honestly speaking, she annoyed me because she has crush on Arashi lol.

But let’s not compare them.

To me, both Hana and Natsu have good and bad characteristics. Surely Hana can do a lot of things because she was prepared, intentionally by her father, one of the leaders of 7 Seeds project, and the one who involves in the project and future mission, Mozunoto Kaname. She’s used to outdoor activities, even better than Arashi when they were in the past. And I think like most characters, she isn’t perfect. She’s stubborn and always does as she pleased, spoiled too. Yet, she grows along the story goes.

Same happens with Natsu, our Summer B main protagonist ha ha. At first I was like: what the hell is she doing with Arashi??? Later on I gave her applause for her character development. The small Natsu gets stronger each arc in team Summer B and of course I am so proud of her. She learns in time, so does Hana. However they cannot be compared because they experienced different situation in the past. So if Hana seems to have better living skills, I am not surprised.

Regarding Hana with Aramaki-san, I think it’s more likely temporary crush. She knows Arashi has survived living in the new world, but most of the times she also loses faith about his being. Hana always sticks with Aramaki ever since they met and from there they share mutual feelings. She sets her boundaries, though. By thinking of Arashi when she’s in despair or trouble.

Arashi and Hana

I left the series when it’s published up to volume 10 just because I didn’t see the development of Hana would meet Arashi soon and back then I was impatient little brat lol. A while ago I opted to see how much it’s progressed after more than 5 years not updating the story.

I’m so happy I checked it out!

It hasn’t updated on some online manga sites, but there is this rough translation on Mangalator up to chapter 155, they have been in contact! They are so close!!!


Spoiler alert for the pics below! Links from Mangalator


Arashi and Hana manage to reach Sado Island and talk to each other using some sort of cleaning robots provided there. I’m not going to talk about it more because it will be too many spoilers in this entry HA HA

This is just my personal thought. If you happen to be a fan of 7 Seeds too and have different opinion, it is okay. Leave comments to share your opinion ^^

Hopefully next month the series will be updated! I am going to be so mad if they don’t end up together but let’s see how Tamura-sensei brings these two…

And I also want to see whether Natsu is going to take Semimaru’s feeling to her seriously. They look so cute together muahahaa.

Thank you for reading!

Have a good day~


xoxo, M


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