Hello Loves!

As I have from the previous beauty entry, liquid lipstick has been on my lipstick stash for a while now. I plan to add more! Maybe after I can decide which ones I want to get first from so many…

And todayI bring you LA Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss review.


I guess with a lot of beauty brands have their liquid lipstick, affordable brands also competing to make matte lippies. LA Girl, one of high street beauty brands from US released its liquid lipstick called Matte Pigment Gloss.

This lippies is so affordable compare to my favorite Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. I got this around IDR 98K for each, while BREV costs IDR 230K for one lipstick. See the difference? Ha ha




It comes out in a plastic yet sturdy sleek packaging with the wand in the cap inside, slightly bigger than NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and BREV. However, NYX wins the size, being 8 mL in the container, BREV 7,7 mL, and LA Girl 5 mL. I thought LA Girl would have more than NYX, but I was wrong.

Matte Pigment Gloss has faint chemical scent for me. Though I don’t really bothered by it, for those that are sensitive to product’s scent may want to be careful.

What I like about this gloss is the longevity and color pay off. I am impressed with the staying power! I mean, it doesn’t quickly fade after meals and drinks. When I first wore it, the matte gloss stayed around 5 hours with me having beverages and snacks. Fairly good, I think.

And the colors are just great.

I got mine in Fleur and Bazaar. I say Fleur is peachy nude, everyday shade. It’s really pretty and my favorite from the two. Bazaar is a bright pink, fun to use for everyday too!


PhotoGrid_1434638112625 >> Bazaar on the photo

The formula is not as velvety as BREV. It feels sticky when first applied. Wait for a few seconds until the gloss set on the lips and then I can feel that it’s lightweight and stays on lips. I enjoy wearing this gloss when I want lippies that stay for quite a long time, especially when I have long day to work. And for affordable liquid lipstick around USD 5,ย  it works better than expected.

Yes, I would definitely recommend it to anyone for their first matte liquid lipstick experience! Ha ha

I purchased this from Indonesianย  beauty online shop @thelipmate on Instagram.

Thank you for reading!




  1. Tika says:

    Bagusss foto dan reviewnya! Aku berhari2 nyari banget swatchnya yang kira2 seperti realnya! Apa mb ada coba swatch yg lainnya? Warna fantasy atau playful? Aku fix beli bazar dan fleur. Cakeppp banget habiisnya ๐Ÿ˜€

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