Current Favorite Tunes

I am just like some people: I can’t live without music.

Listening to music everyday is more than just a habit. It’s a must, I guess.

I have experienced getting anxiety when I was on a trip and left my headphone at home. It was agonizing for four days I couldn’t enjoying my playlist and forced to listen to the bus’ playlist which I didn’t know the songs lol

That was one of horrible moments in my life.

Lesson learned, though. Now I have more than one headphone. I have earphones that I leave in my bag in case I forget to bring the one I usually use at home.

I thank anyone who invented headphone! Because with that we don’t have to listen to other people’s playlist that’s not meet your preferences.

But what am I talking about? I am supposed to tell you my favorite songs at the moment ha ha

So yeah, I have been listening to some songs which I play over and over again the whole day since this week. They are not new singles. Some of them are? I just compile what I like though. Oh, and I watched this Korean Drama, The Producer, starring Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, and IU. She sings the soundtrack too, which I put the video below. I just finished the series last night. The ending is a bit off, in my opinion… But I would go with it.

Maybe I can write about that drama in other entry. I need to get myself together to post more *titter*

Heads up for my current favorite tunes!

1. The Weeknd – Earned It

2. Chris Brown feat. Tyga – Ayo

3. Mariah Carey – Infinity

4. Jess Glynne – Hold My Hand

5. IU – Heart



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