What’s Your Favorite Character?

When I am asked about this, my answer will be pretty much like this: Kiyoshi Teppei from Kuroko no Basuke, of course.

But then I think again and maybe I would come back to square one when I started to become a fangirl—long way before I knew Kuroko no Basuke or Gintama. There was a time when I was not engaged to Teppei nor Hijikata.

There was Jin Kazama.

People will throw me the look, disbelieving that I once was head over heels to Tekken 3’s main character.

Believe me, it was because of T3.

Hey, I was just a teenage girl. I saw the cover of that game and thought, ‘wow, he’s hot. Okay let’s play the game.’ Little did I know, he was the only character I picked whenever I played the game. And then I began to imagine things: me with Jin Kazama. Jin Kazama is my boyfriend, he takes me lunch, we go to the same school, bla bla bla~

Man, I stood up for Jin Kazama like there’s no tomorrow.

Up till now, actually.

The first thing I write when I try a new pen or when I get bored is Jin Kazama. What pops up when I think of my ideal man is Jin Kazama. No, Teppei is. Those things happen lol

But don’t ask me or tell me about the Tekken live-action movie. As much as I love Jin Kazama, for me so far there’s no one who can play his character out. My brother says the movie is just so-so, the other way to say not that good. I still prefer Tekken Blood Vengeance to the live-action version.

So now you know how I see Jin Kazama and Kiyoshi Teppei. Both are my most favorite 2D characters of all time. I may add more, but right now between my assignments and sleepiness, I can only thing about those two. And I need to update my blog about anime or something. Here you go.

I’d like to hear about your most favorite characters. Leave comments so we can talk about them—only if I know them ha ha

Rest well~


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