A girl can’t only have one lipstick.

Or so I read once somewhere I forgot. I don’t think that’s the exact words, but close enough. Quit my random saying, today I’m bringing you another lip product review! This time is The Body Shop’s Lip & Cheek Stain.


Maybe I have said how much I love The Body Shop Tea Tree Range which helps me a lot to treat my blemished skin. Beauty bloggers rave this vegan beauty brand for its environmental friendly, natural ingredients. I need to give more love for TBS!

Let’s see the brief description about the product from the web:

This dual-purpose liquid stain gives lips and cheeks a hint of natural-looking colour. Can be used under gloss for added intensity.

  • For lips and cheeks
  • Natural effect
  • Dermatologically tested



2 in 1 makeup is my favorite due to practical purpose. It saves you some time when you have to do your beauty routine in rush hour. You have lip tint and liquid blusher in one go! Isn’t that fab?

The texture is watery and jelly, not runny and easy to use. Peripera’s water tint used to be my favorite lip tint. However, it’s really watery and I messed it up when I accidentally hit it…

The beauty assistant told me they have 2 shades, but the other shade is currently out of stock. I wanted to see the difference of those shades but sadly I can only got one. I purchased shade 01 Rose Pink.

See how it looks on my cheek and lips.


(I’m so sorry if I look so gross TvT my face is recently breaking out due to period and it’s no filter to enhance the color)

It simply provides me with natural hint  of pink on the cheek and lips. The color looks so gorgeous in real life! I dab 3 dots starts from the apple of my cheek and go higher to the bone cheek and then spread it with finger. I wear it very sheer, though the tint is pretty strong on my finger, but after a few times drinking, the tint on the lips fades. The lasting power is quite weak in my opinion. I have to reapply it 2 times and not gobbling anything to let the tint stays for a few hours.

The only downside is this stain dries my lips. So I work it with Nivea Lip Balm Cherry and it looks fantastic, like those bright tinted lips most girls wear in Korean dramas. Other way, I wear The Body Shop Born Lippie lip balm on the top of the stain and it looks okay too.  I think I have found my favorite tint at the moment~

Have you tried The Body Shop’s Lip & Cheek Stain?



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