Perfumes Round-up

I guess we all have certain scent that we like when choosing perfumes. Mine usually are floral-fruity, fresh scent but also feminine for daily wear. I also love vanilla scent and musk occasionally or on windy cold days when I’m not sweating like crazy ha ha

Perfume is my essential stuff, I have one mini bottle in my makeup pouch and even in my car (which I shouldn’t keep it there, though when I’m in rush, having one there is totally helpful). I prefer not bring pressed powder to perfume, because I think it’s better to smell good than looking good but you smell bad. But maybe that’s just me and now I bring my makeup pouch everywhere with me ^^

These are my current perfumes lineup.


Bodycology’s Wild Poppy seems to be everyone’s favorite, so do I ha ha~

I got compliments whenever I spritz it on. It is a classic flowery scent, soft and fresh. I simply adore it! I even almost run this out. Unfortunately I haven’t seen this cologne everywhere in local Guardian stores. I really hope I will find it again once it’s empty since I wear it on daily basis when I don’t feel like using EDT or EDP.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is a brand new! I’ve been curious with this perfume the first time it launched last year. I read on beauty blogs and some bloggers say it’s basically the original Daisy with cuter bottle. It does smell the same, but hey can you really resist this adorable bottle? Well, I can’t.

I was torn between getting this or Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh since I have always wanted ESF, but I changed my mind and took this instead. So next time I go to purchase the ESF one. Daisy collections are too cute to miss /sobs

Mustika Puteri’s Aromatherapy Shake Cologne is the one of the oldest line from Indonesia’s beauty brand Mustika Ratu. The sub-branch is for young girl consumers. I first had this when I was in Junior High! It is pretty old… However this scent is definitely one of my favorites from long time ago. The scent is a fresh mint, with oil and liquid so you have to shake the bottle before using it. It also has small plastic pebbles to help you shake the cologne and can also made for accessories if you like.

Cusson’s Imperial Leather White Princess is surprisingly a lovely cologne which I found it at local convenience store. It is around IDR 14k yet smells just fine. Too bad the lasting power is weak, so I need to spray more two hours later. Other than that, I quite like this.

Lastly the sample size perfume is from Senswell. I got two, one is on my car just in case I forget to wear one of them before I go. Senswell has good range of scents. My favorites are Magnolia Bloom and Green Tea.

What’s your favorite perfume scent?


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