Two days ago the package I had waited for came.

It is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, which I purchased from instagram shop aischatz. First, let me be honest with you that this lippie is so hard to get. I went to NYX booth couple times and always found this lip cream out of stock. So I ventured around instagram and ordered one, since I really want to try Cannes shade. Thank goodness I was sent one!



Two years ago I have tried this SMLC ones, San Paulo and Addis Ababa. On the website, San Paulo is described as plummy pink while Addis Ababa is a bright fuschia matte cream. I used San Paulo a few times before I gave away both lip creams for my aunt who’s a lover of bright pinks. I love neutral, natural pink color for my lips because I always think pink is not really my color. But that thought slightly changed after I lied hands on Wardah Matte Lipstick and man, I’d love to try more matte lipstick too.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 19 Cannes is a muted mauve color, which compliments my natural lip color better. If Wardah lipstick is more dusty pink on my lips, this matte one is merely darker than that, but only a tiny little bit. It’s so soft when swiped on lips and lightweight! The cream has sweet candy scent, though. I like it, unless it has chemical scent I may down my hope to make this my favorite lippie. Nah, hands down to SMLC. I LOVE IT.

The same day this lip cream arrived, I was so lucky to get another lippie that has been on my ‘Must Buy’ list, it’s Revlon Matte Balm 225 Sultry. Oh My God, lippies haul! Once again I couldn’t resist the urge to buy lipsticks! But what can I say??? Sultry has been out of order everytime I visited Revlon section. I have been patient for a year to finally got this. Yeah, THAT LONG.

Thank god it was there when I came again and only three pieces left! Yup, it is so famous and soon will be on waiting list again.


Sultry is also a mauve color balm. In my opinion it’s darker than Cannes. However, when swatched under my wrist, they’re unexpectedly *almost* the same.


Surprised? Me too.

As you can see that NYX is more creamy than Revlon Matte Balm, yet both are very soft and velvety on the lips. Revlon, the same as the other balms, Lacquer and Just Bitten Kissable Stain, has minty scent and feels coolย  when applied.

I would say that Sultry is the night version of Cannes, although of course you can wear them on daytime. It’s a sexy mauve that flatter your lips day and night. I definitely love This Matte Balm and so happy to get it!

Those are my current favorite matte lipstick. Thank you for reading!

Have a great weekend ^^


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