Good day loves!

After going away from home for more than a month, I’m gladly come back to catch up what I have been left off: make blog posts and start writing again.

It’s always good to be home amirite!

In this post I would like to tell you some beauties that I like to use to pamper myself. I usually say ‘scrubbing time’ since mostly what I do is exfoliating whole face and body, followed by mask-ing and moisturizing.


My me time is basically to do weekly skincare routine. I scrub my face twice a week, but on Sunday I do all the treatment such as using face mask, hair mask, and so on.

I still love Douce et Lisse Face and Body Scrub. I ran out the old one and finally got the new packaging and choose Lemon Fresh, for my acne prone skin. But this is a 2 in 1 scrub, works on my body but better on my face :3

I’m also reaching on hair mask to treat my hair. This natural home-made hair mask called Rub & Rinse is a local brand hair care which I purchased from prettyrecipe, together with my favorite lips scrub Yummy Lips Scrub in strawberry. So far I like how it works on my hair. It smells pleasant and makes my hair smoother. My curls are behaving after I use this hair mask. Love! I still suck at applying it though, because I failed in making hot towel and had to re-heat it before use lol.

Moving on to face mask, I’ve been using Acnes Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask and like it so much. It makes my skin softer and my pores well cleaned. I purchased Kracie face masks from Watsons and soon will try that! The store clerk said it’s good for blemished skin. Maybe she can tell from my purging skin that time, it was horrible.

Of course I’m not forgetting nose pack. Biore Pore Pack Batik edition is too cute to be missed.


After pampering time (read: spending my time in the bathroom for likely an hour), I apply baby lotion to hydrate my skin. I really love the milk lotion from Jonhson and Johnson and have purchase this countless times. It does a great job in moisturizing skin and the scent—the scent is sheer and wonderful. I use Vaseline and Nivea whenever I’m about to go outside since they have SPF, but at home I use this baby milk lotion.

Lastly I love to spritz a body spray after all ritual. Smells good makes me feel clean and fresh. Though here in Indonesia the weather has changed drastically, a nice floral-fruity scent works for me. Cussons Imperial Leather White Princess Body Mist is my current body scent—fresh, playful, and sweet. It’s my best finding on local convenience store, so affordable!

That’s all my current favorites of beauty pamper products. Thank you for reading and see you on the next post ^^


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