Has anyone played a game called The Evil Within?

It’s okay if you haven’t, because I haven’t too. I know about this game mostly from tumblr and twitter. My favorite artist once posted an art of this hottie on her work page. I didn’t really pay attention to him at first, but I did remember thought, “Oh hellooo~” and whistled in sultry way possible. Okay, who am I kidding? I CAN’T WHISTLE

Anyway, my favorite Youtuber uploaded his gameplay of this game and that perked my interest. Ever since I braced myself to watch Silent Hill gameplay on Youtube, I’ve started to like survival horror gameplays. It’s thrilling, just watching the walkthrough from the beginning to final boss, I can’t stop screaming or closing my eyes! Ha ha, yeah I am that kind of people, curious in horror game but not that brave to play it by myself. And again, with the advance technology of gaming, I can barely afford the consoles. The easiest way? Browsing the gameplay! Tons of gamers have their own channels now and I do subscribe to some of them to see different gameplays. Mostly I only watch survival horror gameplays, yet my interest expands the more I watch various games.





My current obsession is now that one character from The Evil Within game, Joseph Oda, our second main protagonist— detective Sebastian Castellano’s partner. In the wiki, he’s described as a Japanese-Canadian detective, 33 year-old bachelor, and long-time partner of Seb. Jo is a nice man, kind to others but hard to himself. He seems to care a lot about Seb, but at times he may takes decision to soon without discussing with his partner. All in all, the glasses man helps Seb in any way possible, even to take part in investigating Beacon Mental Hospital together with Seb and Kidman, the new detective. However, after the beginning sequence, he’s gone away from Seb. Jo is most likely trapped inside the antagonist’s mind world, Ruvik. The rest of the game is how Seb goes into his wicked mind to save Jojo and finds out what is actually going on in Beacon. Maybe the priority is to save the world? Probably ha ha



The Evil Within is 2014 survival horror game developed by Tango Gameworks and released by Bethesda Softworks for Playstation 3, PS 4, Xbox, and Windows (source). In Japan, this game is entitled Psycho Break. Directed by Resident Evil’s creator Shinji Mikami, this game presents you with detailed graphics and horror experience from the setting of places and unexpected monsters. When I say unexpected, it was.

In my opinion, the storyline is good. With the backgrounds and Ruvik’s flashed memories, he possibly experienced terrible childhood. Ruben Victoriano comes from a wealthy family lives in the countryside and seemingly hold a role for research in Beacon Mental Hospital. He grows close to his sister Laura. One time when they play around the family barn, several men from the village who hate Ruvik’s family set the house on fire, trapping both sibling inside. Laura manages to help Ruvik goes out, fire burns half of his body and she’s entrapped there, screaming in pain. Feeling imprisoned by his own father and grieves over Laura, Ruvik kills his parents and makes fund to Beacon Mental Hospital for his own project with doctor Jimenez. But then he’s betrayed by the doctor, saying he’s informally trained to do the research and instead name the project himself.

We can guess what happen after that.

Ruvik destroys everything in the hospital and gets the detectives inside his mind world. To get out of his mental mind, Seb must fight the final boss, yes that Ruvik, to get back to real world.




[all pictures are taken from TEW’s wiki. I choose to feature pics that aren’t too disturbing TmT]

If you’re a fan of horror game, I definitely recommend this game for you to play. I heard Shinji Mikami is a father of horror game? You won’t miss this.

I myself as game-watcher enjoy this game much to my own surprise lol. And again, I give my entire heart to Jojo. I sincerely hope he’s alive! My poor heart~ TwT

Any game you’ve been enjoy playing/watching?



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