Happy holiday, ladies!

I hope you girls have wonderful Christmas and great holiday.

Looking back weeks ago, I joined KawaiiBeautyJapan, a site for Indonesian girls to update any Japanese beauty information and also lifestyle in Japan. Basically, everything Japan! I love Japan my entire life and finally brace myself to be a member of KBJ. They held a giveaway event, a lash serum from Maharo Japan for beauty bloggers. Out of blue, I received mail from KawaiiBeautyJapan, telling me that I’m one of lucky bloggers to receive eye lash serum from Japan, Revive Lash Professional Serum! Now I’m going to give my honest thought about this product.



Revive Lash is an eyelash serum made by Maharo Japan with 4 main purposes:
1. To help eyelash grows longer
2. To thicken eyelash
3. To strengthen eyelash and avoid lash to break easily
4. To blacken eyelash

No need to worry if this serum will give you any side effects because this serum is an eye treatment!

It comes in mascara container. Only it is not using long brush, but with a small wand to apply it on the lashes. The serum’s texture is transparent gel and has no scent at all. I can feel a slight cool sensation once applied on my water line, down to the roots of my eyelashes. It doesn’t sting my eyes. I LOVE IT.

How to use this serum is pretty simple: take a small amount from the container, swipe it on the roots of your lashes while closing your eyes, then open your eyes and apply it the same way like applying mascara onto your lashes. Do the same to your under lashes, from the roots straight to the strand of the lashes. Use it twice a day, in the morning before your makeup routine and at night after you cleanse your face and before you go to sleep. The instruction picture below is Indonesian.


The result within 10 days is AMAZING.

I am told that I have such natural curly eyelashes. But after using this serum for ten days, my lashes not only grow thicker and longer, they’re also much curlier! I can’t believe I only use it for ten days and have seen the result as it is promised. I have natural curlier eyelashes only by a serum! No need to spend money for lash extention. How great is that??

revive lash before-after 10 days

Above is the picture of before and after using Revive Lash serum. See the difference, right?

The one thing I realize after I use this eyelash serum, I start to feel tight whenever I put my glasses on, because my lashes getting longer they hit the lens… But I can’t help it. My lashes look thicker and blacker without glasses and I’m pleased with it.

Thank you KawaiiBeautyJapan for kindly sending me this!





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