Good day, ladies!

Before I start my review, let me tell you this first: I love lip tints. Ha ha okay not a great confession to make, but I do. I love stain on my lips, since it won’t make me look pale. I’m blessed with natural pinkish lips—thank God, yet there are times I look like walking zombie without applying lipstick or lip tint. That’s why I always have at least tinted lip balm inside every bag. You’ll never know where you’re going to go and whom you’re going to meet, right? My opinion is staying fresh with lipsticks will do.

Last month I purchased a local brand lip tint, made by Jar of Beauty or previously Jar of Balm, is an Indonesian brand of homemade beauty products. They make lip tints, lip balms, cream blushes, and makeup remover spray with natural ingredients. This is my first purchase of Jar of Beauty products. I’m so thrilled to try it out!

Jar of Beauty lip tint comes in 4 variants: Red Butter Cookies (my pick), Cotton Candy, Tiramisu, and Orange Slushee. Red Butter Cookie is a lip tint with red stain. I picked this simply to give my lips a hint of natural red color so I don’t look so ‘dead’.  The first swipe and you easily tell that it has sweet scent like cookies! I love it.


red butter cookies swatch on lips

This is the newer packaging of Jar of Beauty lip tints. Previously it comes in tube. I love the idea of pump bottle, but make sure to clean your fingers before applying it onto lips. You can use lip brush. I love dabbing it with my finger. The texture is creamy and eeeeyyy, it does moisturizing! I lick it once when applied on my lips. It tastes buttery, almost like you put bread butter on. See how nicely it looks on my lips? I apply it all around my lips and dab it more on the inner lips to create gradient lips.

The down side of this lip tint for me is the weak staying power. The stain is gone after you have meals and you must reapply it after. If I don’t eat or drink, the tint stays for around 2 hours then fades. Maybe because of the creamy texture, I’m not sure. Yet, it feels light and creamy without drying your lips. I absolutely love it. It’s okay to reapply over and over again since I enjoy reapplying it ha ha~

I’ll definitely repurchase it when I run out. Get the best deals of Jar of Beauty products from prettyrecipe.

Thanks for reading and have a good day ^^


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