Hello Loves!

This time I’m going to talk about my favorite foundation, my first product from Bourjois Paris, 123 Perfect Foundation!

I was checking up on my blog draft file and saw I haven’t posted anything about foundation review, while I had been keeping this draft for months. I’m such a bummer. But since I make up my mind to be more active to write this blog, so better late than never, right? 😉

Firstly, the reason why I bought this foundie early this year because I went browsing reviews about this product with positive feedbacks. I also was looking for good matte foundation for my graduation ceremony—which was seven months later ha ha, while I only used bb cream for daily use. So when I wandered around department store, Bourjois booth caught my eyes. I have never been to look closer on that booth since I considered the price label didn’t get along with my monthly expense. For a college girl with limited living expense and love beauty stuff, I really need to manage my beauty budget. But then I braced myself…And it turned out okay! Their products are a few thousands more expensive than brands like Maybelline or Revlon, yet still budget-friendly. I heard Bourjois is also good in terms of quality, that’s one thing I thought to prove it by myself.

Let’s go the the product. The foundation comes in pumped glass bottle, which I like for hygienic purpose. I like Revlon Colorstay Foundation, but I’m so hating the bottle since it doesn’t have pump and I must be very careful in dispense it. Too much effort! So thank you for foundation with pump cap, though it’s also packed in breakable bottle and not travel-friendly.

I got the shade 52 Vanilla. It was picked by the booth assistant. I remembered I asked her which shade should I get and she said Vanilla is the natural shade for my skin tone. “I’ll take it,” the satisfied me said without thinking twice. Yeah, the lesson I must always keep in mind is that you can’t completely trust store clerk about your shade. Vanilla is too light for me, obviously. It gets worse: I googled this foundation and found out shade 52 is for people with pink or cool undertone. As for person with yellow undertone or beige, it’s best to try shade 53 or 54.


I should have listened to my inner voice. I’ll never trust store assistant anymore. Okay, I’m half joking. I have taken to like this shade more, thanks to my loose powder from Wardah. It turns down the light tone close to my real skin tone. Still lighter, but I don’t mind. I love how it sets my face with decent finish, matte and good coverage. Too bad the staying power suck on my face, only last three hours before oil shows up on my T-zone. I guess it depends on where you work. My opinion, it will be best worn for indoor activities.

I’d like to try more products from this brand. I’ve read some reviews about its lipsticks and blushes, I will certainly getting some!

Have you tried this foundation?


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