Cleansing water seems to be ruling makeup remover market these days.

I have been reading many articles about Bioderma Sensibio and beauty bloggers rave that magic cleansing water. All my life I only use cleansing wipes and cleansing oil to remove makeup before, so I pretty much curious with water-based type. Luckily, I went to Maybelline booth last time I shopped at local department store and bought this latest product from The States’ famous drugstore brand.

Maybelline Clean Express Miracle Water is the newest makeup remover from Maybelline Indonesia. Good thing The Face Shop Tissue Specialist Green Tea Cleansing Wipes which I’ve used ran out. It’s time to try this cutie! I love the turquoise plastic bottle, making this product much cuter and tempting. The packaging is sturdy plastic cap and bottle, but I suggest don’t let this fall hard on purpose because it still has the chance to break ha ha~

Moving on to the product, this miscellar water remover claims to remove light makeup, trapped dirt and dust, hydrates, freshens like toner, no need to rinse, and suitable for all skin types. You can see more from the picture (I hope the quality is good enough) about miscellar water, result as it’s written, and usage of the product.

Now, my take on this cleansing water: I have no comparison to any other cleansing water because this is my first water-based makeup remover. I have been using this for more than two weeks now. Like it is said, it does cleanse light makeup. By light makeup I mean if I only use loose powder or powder foundation on my face, eye shadow, and lipstick. It also removes eyebrow pencil and blush stain in seconds. But sadly this Miracle Water does not remove mascara well, and it tastes weird on my lips. I still prefer using eye and lips makeup remover to cleanse those areas. It refreshes my face but then I slightly feel squeaky and not so comfortable with the finish. I cleanse my face soon afterwards to feel cleaner and moisturized. I guess if I use foundation and remove it with this remover, I’m going to spend more cotton pads and the whole bottle.

So far, this is a decent cleansing water you can try if you’re not familiar with water-based makeup remover before—like me, but certainly not the best cleansing water, even the best makeup remover for me. The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes still wins my heart, followed by Biore Cleansing Oil and The Face Shop Tissue Specialist Green Tea Cleansing Wipes. Nevertheless, it’s okay to try this one, since it’s affordable, only IDR 50k on Maybelline booth!

I’m not sure to repurchase this again, as this product does not do the jobs much on my skin. For practical purpose, I choose cleansing wipes over everything. But I want to try Bioderma too. I think in the near future if my faith shaken up, I’m going to buy the mini size one to see if the raves work on me or not. Ha!

See you on the next post xoxo


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