Ever since my college life has finished, all this job hunting takes most of my time. I hardly catch up anime in the season and leave my comfy room for running to make application copies. My face turns so dull—horrible blackheads and small zits grow nicely on the surface.
I must get rid of them soon!

Thankfully I found this online shop which sells homemade skincare products mainly local brands and I purchased two items: Douce et Lisse Face Scrub and Gulaco. Yummy Lips Scrub. You can find out about these brands here or here. Google it for more. They have new packaging now, how cute! Mine are still in the old packaging, though.

Douce et Lisse is a homemade product with all natural ingredients which treats skin better for their less chemical formula. It has face scrub and face cleanser/mask. It also has 5 variants—the new versions are: Lavender Calm, Peppermint Breeze, Rose Kiss, Lemon Fresh, and Vanilla Sweet, while the old ones including mine are Tea Tree and Oat, Lemon and Oat, Rosemary and Oat, Lavender and Oat, Lemongrass and Oat. Each variant gives different benefits based on your skin concern. I picked Tea Tree and Oat for the acne treatment and soothing effect.

Let’s talk about the packaging first. It comes in a glass jar mostly uses for jam. It’s bulky, not travel-friendly for sure. I must be careful not to drop it or else I’ll have the scrub powder all over the place TwT When the packet arrived, I was preparing to fly outside town and it’s not possible to bring this big fella inside my backpack. I put it in small container for travel pouch (alongside yummy lips scrub) and safely keep it in my skincare pouch. Remember to own travel containers!

This scrub is powder based-scrub with real oats in it. Take some amount in small cup or plastic bowl, drops a few water and stir with a finger. Be careful to not watering the scrub too much, in my experience it works better when the scrub turns to look like paste. Once it’s wet, the scrub smells like oat porridge! Yuuuuummm~ I directly scrub it onto my nose and the whole face, letting them on my skin for about two minutes before rinse it off with lukewarm water. There! Clean skin and smaller pores instantly.


The other scrub I got is Yummy Lips Scrub in Green Tea flavor. It is crystal sugar based scrub and tastes sweet like real sweetener. No need to worry if the scrub gets into your mouth since it’s literally eat-able. I’m a sucker for green tea skincare, honestly. I was opted to buy honey or chocolate, yet ended up getting for green tea (lol). Anyway, I love using this twice a week for better results. My lips look healthier and surely kissable! This is how it looks after I use Yummy Lips Scrub and apply lip balm on.



Bby Mukkun loves these scrubs too :) Midorima is so done with him wwwww

I’m totally pleased with my purchasing and definitely come back for the newer edition of both scrubs. I purchased these from prettyrecipe.

Thanks for reading!


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