Makeups On The Go

Hello lovelies!

I hope everything’s going well with you all. I’m sorry for the lack of updates… My life has been on the road and I have a grandmother to take care of, so yeah I pretty much running here and there to help her do some errands. Not some, honestly.

Now that I have a time to sit back and facing my notebook, I’m going to post about my favorite on the go makeups which I always end up grab it when I’m in a rush. Check out this photo below.


Because putting makeup takes time and most of my companions do not like to wait, I choose to use simple makeup recently. Moreover, I have picked my travel makeups and these are stuff that I get on with in busy days. Wardah Lightening BB Cream is definitely my on the go base makeup. I love the dewy finish on my skin. Not cakey and patchy, just fine! The coverage is medium but covers my spots well and magically on my pores around the nose. Likey! The only down side is that this BB cream only have two shades. I get mine in shade natural.

Thanks to my thick eye lashes I don’t use eyeliner too often—I’m quite confident with my eyes lol ^^ Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara is my current favorite mascara. I like this better than The Rocket Volume because it stings my eyes several times. Lip balm is a must, I wear Maybelline Baby Lips Love Color in Coral Crush (all time baby lips favorite :3) everytime I feel my lips chapped and needs to moisture them, then I apply lip tint or lipstick onto it. I’ve been reaching The Face Shop Aqua Jelly Tint in Blood Red a lot. I love the color! You may want to be careful with this tint since it dries your lips. My advice: put on moisturizing balm before and after you wear it. The last one I’m surprised that I can love it so much is the silver beauty Wardah Matte Lipstick in Summer Pink. I’m never a keen of matte lipstick before. When I bumped into Wardah counter to buy my favorite loose powder, I saw the lipstick tester and caught up in the pink shade of the matte lipstick series. I can always pass this to my mother if I don’t like it, I thought. Good thing I purchased it. The pink looks lovely on my lips. YAY!

So that’s my post of my current makeup favorites and on the go beauty stuff I have been using.

Fall is coming in your town? Don’t forget to wear coats and mufflers, dearest!

See you on the next post xoxo


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