What A Life: Graduating and Moving On


If you have been wondering about my absent, well, here it is: I’m controlling my life. Yeah, like life can be controlled. But really, at least I’m making up my life. I am now a fresh graduate! On August 19th I officially hold a bachelor degree. Time has moved so fast! I still remember my first day in college, my orientation week, my first class as a freshman. The images are so clear I feel like crying. I remember my friends, who have been gone to their own paths, and those who are still fighting for their final paper. I miss the town where I have spent my four years of study.

Now I move to my mother’s hometown. A small town, actually. My dad wants me to get a job here. Of course I do what he says, although I hope I can get a job somewhere. Well, the baits have thrown. Let’s see which one gets a bass.
As for friends, I still keep in touch with them. We’re texting, instant messaging, using any media to leave comment or message. However, the more I grow up, the more I realize friends will not stay forever. The one thing I always know but surprised everytime I think about it: life changes.

Perhaps what I heard is true. Nothing is certain. You can’t ask people to be in your life for eternity. I wish I could keep the ones I love, the people I care about. Hello, that’s not gonna happen. Keep moving on is what I must do. I never say I’m an adult now. I’m also not saying I will be a child my entire life. Something in between, maybe? Ha ha.

Real, but surreal, that’s how life is.

I hope you are doing fine. Whatever you do, please do it sincerely. It’s a note to myself too. I think I’m expecting tomorrow. Or some days later. Is this how it feels, waiting for interview invitation? Oh my god I feel like a freshman again. Only this time, I apply for a job.

Wish me luck.


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