March’s Most Loved


March has been so magical fantastical for me because I have passed my final test!!!!!!!


I still have to revised my graduating paper, though. But that’s alright! At least the hardest part is over. I feel like my life changes, and I know it will. By making this final paper I realized I no more am a child. Life’s getting tougher as an adult *sob*

Okay, let’s not talking about my childish self since that will be another story…

Anyway, for this month, I’ve been loving some beauty products that are affordable but do their jobs quite amazingly. The first thing I am loving is the small tube of Digenta cream. It is a drugstore cream that helps you to heal wounds on your skin. Unfortunately I lost the box and can’t tell you much about the cream. Basically it treats your wounds, but I have been using this for my irritated skin like redness and itchiness. It makes the itchiness gone! I must be careful when apply this because the cream will melt on my face and turns my skin oilier. I use it at night when needed. The cream also works on acnes.

Secret Key’s Starting Treatment Essence is the best purchase I made last month, if I can say that way. I read some raves and rants about this SK II Dupe, but most reviews say it works just almost as miraculous as SK II Facial Treatment Essence. So I thought: why not give it a go? I runned out Hadalabo Whitening Lotion and needed a toner. This one was in stock and voila! I have one. One thing I noticed after using it for a month (and still going) is that my scars have blurred a little. I see one of scars on my face is now not as deep as it was. It is still there, but less visible! And I’m here like, wow…. I have never used SK II FTE but this one won my heart. I think it will last me a while, for the size is 155 mL. I’m surely running it with pleasure.

For my dry hair, Lucido-L Vitamin Oil for Dry Hair has been my savior. I love using this since it leaves my hair shines and looks bouncier. The scent is also good, I think it’s light floral. The box says it contains A, C, E plus avocado oil to nourish  and moisturize hair. Thanks to this oil too, my hair is less tangled. LOVE!

I have been ranting about my irritation on face due to period and anxiety. Yes, the anxiety facing finals and other things. I get breakouts and redness and they’re terribly annoying. The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash is my choice of cleanser these days. The lightweight cream with cooling sensation soothes my irritated skin very well! It has menthol in the list of its ingredients as the cooling agent. I absolutely love this. Tea Tree range was my first TBS products I owned and I think I may get back to them again.

Next, for my body moisturizer, I trust Natural Honey Hand and Body Lotion Moisture Rich to do it. I know Natural Honey as my Grandma’s lotion. She has been using it since I was 5 and she still does. I guess I understand why she loves this lotion. For a cheap body lotion, it does do the job in moisturizing. The lasting power is great, too! The scent lasts almost all day if I’m not really sweaty. The only minus point is this lotion does not contain SPF. But I definitely repurchase^^

Lastly, the beauty product that receives my love is NYX Love in Paris palette in Merci Beaucoup. I never was a big fan of eye shadow. But this palette changes that. I am in love. With this palette. The colors are naturally for everyday wear. Some shades have shimmers but not as much as  Revlon Custom Eyes palette. The packaging is so cute though, so is the name! Love in Paris edition has 9 eye shadow palettes and I’m going to check the rest. Seriously, I can’t stop raving this palette for its cuteness and lovely shades… Love in Paris sounds dreamy~

Yep, that is all my March’s most loved products!

Thank you for reading and see you at the next post~


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