[Review] Axe Anarchy for Her Deodorant Bodyspray



Couple days ago I went outing by myself since I was in the mood for taking a walk alone, and ended up wandering around Carrefour and bought some stuff.
Today I want to review a bit about deodorant spray that I purchased there, which I’m really excited about!

Axe Anarchy for Her is a limited edition body spray that is made for female as other pair of Axe Anarchy for Him. I purchased the small size in 50 mL. It is made of bottle can with plastic cap. The packaging is lightweight and I don’t have to worry it will crushed in my bag.

According to theaxeeffect, the deodorant spray is the mixture of sparkling fruity notes like apple and blackberry, and soft florals as the middle notes. The top notes are sandalwood, amber, and vanilla. I believe to what it says in the website, but on the bottle can it’s also written magnolia in its notes. I guess magnolia is in the soft floral mix.I do love the scent! The first sniff and I fell in love with this body spray. It is light, fun, and fresh! Perhaps since it has sparkling fruits notes and magnolia in it.

For the lasting intensity, I have to say I’m not so pleased with the power. It only last an hour for me. Then I must spray it all over my body again to get refreshed. But I don’t really mind, because I have it in my bag all the time ^^ I will go to Carrefour again to purchase the original size and have another in my stash, in case I run them out…

In summary, I love Axe Anarchy for Her. If you’re looking for a light and refreshing scent, you may want to try this. A very nice fragrance to welcome spring and summer.


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